John H – Stylist and Business Owner

Talkroute: Please tell us a little about your business.
John H: I run a small hair salon in NYC. It is a family owned business and this is our 15th year.

Talkroute: That is fantastic! Congratulations on 15 years in business!
John H: Thanks.

Talkroute: Please tell us why you chose Talkroute and how we were able to help your business.
John H: To be perfectly honest, the last few years were tough on our business and we were looking for an alternative solution to hiring a receptionist. We just simply didn’t have the ability to hire anyone but we also needed help answering calls and taking appointments. So I started looking into phone systems. Talkroute was really cool because it allowed us to setup our system online and there was nothing we needed to purchase or install. By utilizing the [menu options] feature, we were able to delegate calls to each stylist. 

Talkroute: That is a great way to use the Talkroute system! Did each stylist receive their own menu option?
John H: Yes. Each stylist received their own menu option and we forwarded the calls directly to their cellular phones. That way clients could contact them directly and arrange their own appointments. It solved the need for having a receptionist. 

Talkroute: That is very creative! How did you handle callers that were new clients and didn’t have a preference on which stylist they wanted?
John H: We setup a menu option for new clients and that forwarded directly to the main phone in the salon as well as my cellular phone. I actually liked interacting with the new clients and putting a personal touch on our service.

Talkroute: Do you feel that implementing the Talkroute service has helped your business grow?
John H: Absolutely. Our stylists are always booked and are able to take appointments whether they are in the salon or not. Salons have odd hours and ours is no exception. We were amazed to see how many calls we were missing. The salon still has the same hours but the phone system hours are more conducive to our client’s schedules.

Talkroute: We are so happy our system could help! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.
John H: No problem!

John H – Stylist and Business Owner