Mike L – Real Estate Broker

Talkroute: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Please tell us a little about your business.
Mike L: I’m a real estate broker and own and operate my own brokerage firm. I have a small team of support staff and several junior brokers. It has been both an exciting and uncertain time for real estate which definitely makes things challenging. However, we have been fortunate enough to be one of the few firms growing in this climate.

Talkroute: Congratulations on your success!
Mike L: Thank you!

Talkroute: What caused you to sign up for talkroute?
Mike L: I operated as a private broker for years. I mainly ran my business out of my home office and with my cellular phone. While this wasn’t optimal, it was doable. I would have my wife answer the house line when I was out and she would take messages for me to call back later. I definitely felt that I lost business to other brokers who were more available. As I grew and expanded to my own office, I knew I needed to change the method of communicating with my clients. I began searching for call forwarding solutions and I discovered talkroute.

Talkroute: We are so happy you chose us! How did talkroute help your business?
Mike L: Well, besides the obvious features like [Custom Menu], call forwarding, and the ability to add unlimited devices, the number one benefit was the flexibility and freedom talkroute brought me personally. The real estate market can be very up and down. There are days when you are beyond busy and others where not much is happening. Those are the days that I either go out and bring in new business or spend time with friends and family. However, I know I have my business in my pocket at all times. I can literally run my entire operation with my cell phone and tablet. To me, that is priceless freedom.

Talkroute: It is great that you have been able to experience such freedom with out solution! What is your favorite talkroute feature?
Mike L: It may sound odd, but my favorite feature is the hours of operation override in the control panel. I constantly close my business early or open on a day I would normally be closed and having the ability to override the predefined hours with a touch of a button is great! I love that feature.

Talkroute: Thank you for your time today and for choosing talkroute.
Mike L: You are welcome! You definitely have a customer for life.

Mike L – Real Estate Broker