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Custom Menu

Now you may customize your menu from the control panel. You can forward calls to specific device(s), a custom recorded message, and voicemail. Now your callers will experience phone prompts that make you sound like a Fortune 500 Company, even if you are only using a single cellular phone!


Choose Your Audio

Talkroute includes numerous default audio clips to help get you started right away! Need something more unique? No problem! Upload or record your own audio files right from the control panel! We even offer professional audio talent services.


Hours of Operation

You may set multiple time conditions within the control panel. Each condition allows for a specific day or day range to be set along with specific hours. Now you can set different operating hours for each day or range of dates. Add as many conditions as you need!


Phone Numbers

Now you may choose to route each of your phone numbers to your custom menu or to specific device(s). You may also transfer existing phone numbers to your control panel. See Phone Number Porting for more information.


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Fortune 500 Features

Our Amazing Features


“Press #1 For… Press #2 For… Press #3 For…”

Customize your own call menu and forward calls to any device(s). You can choose to forward a menu option to a recorded message (such as “Hours & Location”), a device (Home, Office, Cellular Phone), and/or voicemail. You may also forward a menu option to multiple devices.

  • Customize Your Menu with the Talkroute Control Panel
  • Forwarding to an Unlimited Number of Devices
  • Custom Recorded Messages (e.g. “Thank you for Calling ABC Company”, “Hours & Location”)


Smart Hold Technology

Talkroute is the only solution that provides our Innovative Smart Hold Technology with EVERY account. Are you not available to take the call? No problem! Your caller will remain on hold until you are available to accept the call on the forwarded device. For more information, click here.

  • Incoming Calls are Stacked While Waiting to be Answered
  • Realtime “Line Placement” Updates for Callers
  • Upload Custom Message, Music, or Utilize Default Audio
  • Specify Maximum Hold Time before Redirecting to Voicemail or Disconnecting


Make Calls Showing Your Talkroute CallerID

Talkroute offers true Outbound Dialing that shows your Talkroute Caller ID from ANY Phone. Now when you make a call, your clients will see your Talkroute Phone Number instead of your cellular, home, or work phone! To learn more about using Outbound Dialing, click here.

  • Show Your Talkroute Caller ID from ANY Phone
  • No app to download or install. Works with ANY Phone


Choose Your Phone Number

Talkroute gives you the ability to choose your NEW Phone Number and favorite area code. You may also choose to use your existing phone number. For more information regarding “Utilizing Your Existing Phone Number” click here.

  • Choose a New Phone Number Based on Area Code
  • Add Toll Free Numbers
  • Utilize Your Existing Phone Number


Call Announcement

When your calls are routed to your devices (Cellular, Home, or Office), talkroute will announce the call and what department the call is be routed from. For example, if you answer your Cellular Phone, you will first be prompted with a message such as, “Incoming call from Sales”. You may then choose to accept the call, reject and send the call back to the Smart Hold, or send the call directly to Voicemail.

  • Be Prepared by Knowing Where the Call is Coming From
  • Choose to Accept, Reject, or Send to Voicemail



Custom Audio – Upload Your Audio or Use Ours!

With Talkroute you may upload and record your own audio prompts for all areas of your phone system. We also include an extensive number of default audio files to get you started. Our staff is also happy to offer our Voice Talent and scripting services at an additional charge.

  • Upload Your Own Audio Files
  • Utilize Our Default Audio Files from Our Audio Library
  • Choose to have Our Voice Talent Script and Record Audio Files


Utilize Your Existing Phone Service

Talkroute does not replace your current phone service and does not require the internet (VoIP) to operate. Our solution is 100% cloud hosted and acts as a manager for all of your existing devices. Now you can keep your current phone service providers and utilize Talkroute’s amazing features. It is truly the best of both worlds!

  • Keep Your Existing Phone Service Provider(s)
  • No Internet Connection Required


No Equipment to Purchase or Software to Install

Talkroute works with your existing cellular, home, and office phones. You do not need to purchase any additional equipment or install software to use talkroute. Talkroute is 100% cloud hosted and begins working immediately.

  • Utilize ANY Existing Cellular, Home, or Office Phone
  • No Equipment to Purchase or Software to Install
  • Start Using Talkroute ProVoice Immediately


Voicemail to Email

Choose to have your Voicemail’s sent directly to your email. This makes accessing and checking voicemails simple and easy!



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Unlimited Devices! Add ANY Number of Cellular, Home, & Office Phones!

Talkroute gives you the ability to add ANY number of Cellular, Home, and/or Office Phones to your account. Other competing products limit the number of devices per account. Talkroute gives you Unlimited Devices with every account.

  • Add an Unlimited Number of Cellular, Home, & Office Phones
  • Add Multiple Devices to a Single Menu Option



Setup Your Account in Minutes & Start Receiving Calls!

Talkroute makes getting started fast and easy! Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to your personal control panel. Our innovative features, combined with the latest customization options, provide you with the ultimate phone system for your business. Now you can build a phone system that is tailored to your specific needs!

  • Customize your phone system by adding menu options, custom audio, voicemail, and much more
  • Not sure how to setup your system? Talkroute makes it easy by giving you direct access to our 24/7 support center and easy to understand tutorial videos


Choose Your Phone Number & Favorite Area Code!

After you choose your new Talkroute plan, you will be prompted to choose your new phone number. You will have the option to sort and choose from the available phone numbers by area code! Talkroute also offers a variety of speciality phone numbers. Contact us for special number requests.

  • Choose your favorite number and area code
  • Speciality Number are available


No Contracts or Obligations! Cancel at Anytime!

There are no hidden fees or service contracts! If you are not 100% satisfied with your Talkroute service, you may cancel your account online at anytime.

  • No contracts or obligations
  • No hidden fees
  • No Overage Charges

*subject to talkroute reasonable use policy