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Phone Numbers
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Toll Free Numbers
800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 & 833 numbers available.
Vanity Numbers
Register custom numbers that spell a word or phrase.
800 Numbers
We have a limited supply of true 800 numbers available.
Local Numbers
Search US & Canada local numbers by area code, city or zip code.
Number Porting
Transfer your business number to Talkroute.
Take Your Numbers With You
Port your Talkroute numbers to another provider at anytime.
Add & Remove Numbers at Anytime
You can add or remove numbers from your account at anytime.
Call Forwarding & Routing
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Forward to a Single Phone
Send all of your calls to a single cell, landline, VoIP or soft phone.
Forward to Multiple Phones
Route your incoming calls to as many phones as needed.
Ring Phones in Sequence
Choose which order your phones ring and for how long.
Ring All Phones at Once
Simultaneous ring allows you to ring your phones at the same time.
Scheduled Call Forwarding
Set dates and times to ring your phones.
Text Messaging
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Send SMS & MMS Messages
Compose new messages from the online dashboard, desktop, mobile, and web apps.
Reply to Customers Messages
Respond to messages from the online dashboard, email, desktop, mobile, and web apps.
Texting Access Permissions
Set permissions for which users can view, reply to and send new messages.
Text-to-Email Notifications
Receive notifications and respond to new messages from your email.
Desktop, Mobile, & Web Apps
View, compose, and reply to messages from the MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web apps.
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Video Meetings
Video conferencing with up to 100 participants.
Meeting Chat
Collaborate with your team using our internal messenger.
Screen Sharing
Share your screen with meeting participants.
Share a whiteboard that participants can annotate on.
File Sharing
Share files with your meeting participants.
Session Recording
Coming Soon!
Record your video meetings.
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Create Departments
Press #1 for sales… press #2 for support…
Forward Calls to Team Members
Create a list of options that routes directly to your staff.
Play Custom Messages
Set menu options that play custom messages such as your operating hours.
Send Callers to Voicemail
Menu options can also route callers directly to a voice mailbox.
Add Submenus
Create a menu with multiple levels of options.
Company Directory
Dial by name & staff list directories.
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Single Digit Extensions
Create menu options (0-9).
Informational Extensions
Add extensions that play custom recorded or uploaded greetings.
Voicemail Extensions
Set extensions that route directly to a voice mailbox.
Multi Digit Extensions
Create unlimited 3 or 4 digit extensions.
Voicemail & Mailboxes
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Access Your Messages Online
View your voice messages using any web browser.
Desktop, Mobile, & Web Apps
Access voice messages and mailboxes from the MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web apps.
Receive notifications & play your messages from your email.
Create separate mailboxes for phone numbers, menu options, and extensions.
Voicemail Transcription
Read your messages online & by email.
Voicemail Access Permissions
Set permissions for which users can view & edit voice messages & mailboxes.
Receive Voicemail Locally
Disable Talkroute voicemail and use your device’s voicemail instead.
Desktop, Mobile, & Web Apps
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MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, & Browser
Download our apps online.
Show Your Talkroute Caller ID
Make calls showing your business number on the outgoing caller ID.
Business Call History
Review your incoming & outgoing call history.
Send & Receive Text Messages
Compose messages showing your business number on the outgoing caller ID.
Manage Business Voicemail
Check your voicemail messages.
Contacts Integration
Access your device’s contacts to quickly make calls or send messages.
Live Call Transfer
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Easy to Use Transfer Codes
Quickly dial codes to transfer your live calls.
Blind & Attended Transfer
Transfer calls instantly or speak to the receiving party before connecting the call.
Transfer to Phone Numbers
Transfer calls directly to any phone number.
Transfer to Departments
Send calls to a menu option and ring an entire department.
Transfer to Voicemail
You may transfer a live call directly to a voice mailbox.
Transfer to Multi Digit Extensions
Transfer callers to your team members direct dial extensions.
Call Stacking
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Receive Multiple Calls at Once
Receive multiple calls at the same time, even if you run your business from a single phone.
Music on Hold
Pick from our library of hold music or upload your own.
Add a Custom Message
Upload or record your own custom message that callers will hear while on hold.
Establish a Maximum Hold Time
Set a maximum time callers will wait on hold before being sent to another destination.
Alternative Destinations
Callers may be sent to another phone number, menu or voice mailbox.
Custom Greetings
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Audio Library
Pick from our library of audio clip or create your own.
Upload Your Own Files
You may add your own custom greetings, messages and music at anytime.
Record Your Own Greetings
Create a custom greeting or message by using our recording feature.
Music on Hold
Choose one of our music files or upload your own.
Voice Studio
Have our in-house voice talent record your greetings for you.
Call Recording
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Record All Calls
Call recording available for both incoming and outgoing calls.
Inform Callers
Upload or record a custom message to inform your callers the call is being recorded.
Access Recordings
Review your call recordings from your online call history.
Unlimited Storage
Store all of your voice recordings.
Access Permissions
Set permissions for which users can view and edit recordings.
Hours of Operation
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Date & Time Conditions
Set the dates and times your phones are available to receive calls.
Multiple Time Conditions for Dates
Establish multiple open and close times for your phones on the same day.
Override Hours of Operation Anytime
Quickly override your normal operating schedule.
Add a Special Closed Message
Upload or record a special message callers hear after hours.
Send After Hours Calls to Another Destination
Route callers after hours to a voice mailbox, phone number or menu.
Users & Permissions
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Assign Account Administrators
Give full account access to your admins.
Create Account Users
Add users with limited account access.
Grant Special Permissions
Give admins and users access to specific areas of your account.
Caller ID
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Outbound Dialing
Show your business number on the outgoing caller ID.
Desktop, Mobile, & Web Apps
Make outgoing calls showing your business number from the MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web apps.
Incoming Caller ID
Display the callers number or the business number the caller dialed for incoming calls.
Custom CNAM
Show your business name on the outgoing caller ID.
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Call History
Full details of all incoming and outgoing call records.
Call Blocking
Block phone numbers from calling or texting your business number.
Detailed Call Paths
View the call path your callers take while connected to your business number.
Advanced Filters
Filter call data such as which extension was dialed, voice mailbox reached and much more.
Export Your Data
Create a CSV file of your call records.
Connect 1000’s of other apps to Talkroute.
Coming Soon!
Notifications that can be sent anywhere.
Agreements & Services
HIPAA Compliance
Account restrictions available for HIPAA compliance.
Business associate agreements available.
Service level agreements available.
Account Management
Dedicated account manager.

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