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What is the Web App?

The Talkroute Web App transforms any browser into a business phone system and eliminates the need for traditional desk phones. Now you and your team can easily manage calls and messages, all from the convenience of your favorite web browser.

Our web app is available for Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Login Our Web App

What you can do with our Web App

  • Make & Receive Calls

    Business calling from your web browser

    Our virtual phone system gives you the ability to make and receive calls from the most popular browser.

    With Talkroute, you have the power of an enterprise level phone system without having to purchase or maintain any special equipment such as a desk phone.

    Sign up for Talkroute to begin making business calls from your browser today.

    Web App Dialer
  • View Call History

    Keep track of incoming & outgoing calls

    With Talkroute you have access to your call history and in depth details of each call within your history log.

    Our call history provides you with easy one-step call back, text back, and number blocking actions. You may also grant users permission to only view call history for certain virtual phone numbers.

    Now you and your team can quickly review call history from the convenience of your favorite browser.

    Web App Call History
  • Join the Conversation

    Send & receive text messages from your browser

    Gain an advantage over your competition — about 61% of businesses still don’t use SMS:

    85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

    68% of consumers would prefer to use text messaging to contact a company with questions.

    53% of clients say they feel more positive toward a brand that responds to text messages.

    Sign up for Talkroute & begin texting with your customers today.

    Web App Text Messaging
  • Voicemail Made Simple

    Check voicemail from your favorite browser

    Never miss a voicemail — Enable web app notifications when receiving a new voice message and easily manage your messages.

    Customize your voicemail greetings and assign separate mailboxes to your team members, departments, and phone numbers.

    Our mailboxes can be added or removed at anytime and provide unlimited storage capacity.

    Web App Voicemail
  • Take Control of Your Phone System

    Easily customize your account settings

    Your account settings and preferences give you the ability to customize your phone system settings from any browser.

    Now you can easily adjust your call routing, customize greetings, edit schedules, and much more in a matter of seconds!

    Web App Setings

Web App FAQ

No. While the Talkroute apps provide the best user experience, they are not required to make or receive phone calls with Talkroute. Calls may be forwarded to any phone with an active 10 digit US or Canada based local or toll free phone numbers. Calls may also be placed from any phone using our outbound dialing feature shown in this tutorial:

How to Make Calls Showing Your Talkroute Phone Number

Yes. The Talkroute desktop and web apps are capable of making & receiving phone calls. Our desktop app is available for Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems and our web app is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

Yes. You can transfer calls from the desktop or web app to the mobile app & vice versa using our Live Call Transfer feature.

In order to use our web app, you will need:

v80 or later
Edge (Chromium):
v85 or later
v75 or later
v12 or later

The Talkroute desktop and web apps currently supports all microphones, headsets, & bluetooth earbuds (e.g. AirPods). Input & output devices can be configured at any time in the desktop and web app Settings & Preferences.

Yes. Within your online dashboard, you may specify which app users to ring, when to ring them, & even specify a specific order. These settings can be customized for all of your Talkroute numbers, menu options, & extensions.

Our desktop and web apps can be used by as many users as needed at the same time. Each user will need their own unique user login that can be created within your Talkroute admin account settings.

The virtual phone system trusted by 1000’s of customers!

Here is what a few of them have to say about Talkroute.

"An excellent virtual phone system for nonprofits"

- I honestly don’t know how we would go back to taking calls at our desks and hope we never have to!

Robert Virtual Phone System Review

Robert M.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"Probably the best small business phone system"

- This solution is quick and simple to use. We selected a number and had the entire account setup in less than an hour.

Karen Virtual Phone System Review

Karen B.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"This service has tons of great features"

- It's been a huge benefit being able to focus on the calls that we need to be taking.

Pierce Virtual Phone System Review

Pierce F.

Full review on G2 Crowd

"Easy to setup & use! Call quality is excellent"

- We were able to get the perfect toll free number for our sales team up and running instantly.

Neel Virtual Phone System Review

Neel P.

Full review on G2 Crowd

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