Port Your Numbers

Transfer your existing business numbers to Talkroute.

1000’s of businesses and professionals have already ported their numbers to Talkroute. Our dedicated Porting team is standing by and ready to make sure that you keep your established business number.

Let’s port your phone number

We will confirm that your phone number is elgible for transfer.

Port Phone Numbers

Benefits of Phone Number Porting

It’s time to ditch your old-school phone system.

Port Multiple Numbers

Port Multiple Numbers

Transfer all of your numbers to Talkroute

Do you have multiple phone numbers with one or more service providers?

By porting all of your phone numbers to Talkroute, you will be able to manage your call flow from one easy to use dashboard & eliminate unnecessary service contracts.

Whether you have 1 phone number or 100, Talkroute can make managing your numbers simple & hassle free.

Port Cellular Numbers

Port Cellular Numbers

Use your cell numbers for business

New business owners often find themselves providing their personal cellular phone number to their clients.

However, as the business grows you may find that you are having trouble keeping up with the number of callers & their inquiries.

This is why many of our users choose to port their cellular number to Talkroute.

Port Landline Numbers

Port Landline Numbers

Cut the cord by transferring your landlines

Are you constantly forwarding your landline number to a cell phone or finding yourself stuck at a desk so you don’t miss important business calls? Then you might want to consider porting your landline phone number to Talkroute.

By porting your landline, you will be able to eliminate costly service with your local provider & take advantage of the benefits Talkroute has to offer.

Port VoIP Numbers

Port VoIP Numbers

Transfer numbers from VoIP providers

Did you register a phone number with a VoIP service & discover that it wasn’t right for you? No problem!

We can port your VoIP numbers to Talkroute. Best of all VoIP numbers that are hosted by Talkroute are treated like “real” business phone numbers & can be registered with local directories & regulatory agencies.

Preserve Brand Identity

Preserve Brand Identity

We make it hassle free

Do you already have a business number that your customers are used to dialing? No problem! You can easily port your existing number to Talkroute & maintain your established brand identity.

Now you can have the benefits of Talkroute while still giving your callers the ability to dial your existing business phone number.

Port Out at Anytime

Port Out at Anytime

Take your numbers with you

Any virtual phone numbers that you register with Talkroute can easily be ported to another service provider upon your request.

All virtual phone numbers that have been registered with Talkroute are your property (does not apply to trial accounts).

There are no contracts or commitments & you may cancel or switch providers at any time.

Get started with Talkroute in minutes

Choose Phone Number

1. Choose a Phone Number

Pick a new phone number or transfer an existing business number to Talkroute.

Download Our Apps

2. Download Our Apps

Our desktop & mobile apps are available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android.

Configure Your Settings

3. Configure Your Settings

Customize your greetings, menus, extensions, voicemail, hours of operation, & more.

Talk, Text, & Meet Anywhere

4. Talk, Text, & Meet Anywhere

Call, message, & meet wherever you do business: home, office or on the road.

Talk, message, & meet in one easy to use app.

  • Modern Business Voice

    Business calling with your desktop, browser, & smartphones

    Our virtual phone system gives you the ability to make & receive calls from any desktop, browser, or smartphone.

    With Talkroute, you have the power of an enterprise level phone system without having to purchase or maintain any special equipment.

    Download our apps to begin making business calls from your PC & smartphone today.

    Make and receive business calls
  • Join the Conversation

    Send & receive text messages from your business numbers

    Gain an advantage over your competition — about 61% of businesses still don’t use SMS:

    85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

    68% of consumers would prefer to use text messaging to contact a company with questions.

    53% of clients say they feel more positive toward a brand that responds to text messages.

    Sign up for Talkroute & begin texting with your customers today.

    Text with your customers
  • Video Meetings

    The best way to bring your team together

    Video conferencing with up to 100 team & guest participants.

    Additionally, Talkroute Meetings gives you the power to record meeting sessions, share your screen, chat via team messenger, collaborate using our whiteboard, & share files.

    Sign up for Talkroute & start your first meeting today!

    Video Meetings
  • Voicemail Made Simple

    Check voicemail by email, browser, & apps

    Never miss a voicemail — Enable email, mobile, & desktop app notifications when receiving a new voice message.

    Customize your voicemail greetings & assign separate mailboxes to your team members, departments, & phone numbers.

    Our mailboxes can be added or removed at anytime & provide unlimited storage capacity.

    Easy to manage voicemail
  • Take Control of Your Phone System

    Easily customize your account settings

    Talkroute gives you the power to customize every aspect of your virtual phone service.

    Now you can easily adjust your call routing, customize greetings, edit schedules, and much more in a matter of seconds!

    Try Talkroute today and see why we are considered to be the most flexible phone solution available.

    Customize your phone system

Number Porting FAQ

Phone number porting is the seamless process of transferring your existing phone number from your current provider to Talkroute. If you have an existing phone number you wish to keep, our team is standing by to make porting your number simple & hassle free.

Once your phone number has been ported to Talkroute, your callers will be routed through your Talkroute system. This way you can keep your established business phone number & take advantage of advanced features that Talkroute provides.

Most toll free and local phone numbers are eligible to be transferred to our network. However, in some rare cases a number may not be eligible for porting due to coverage issues. If you are concerned that your number may not be eligible, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to confirm portability to our network.

No. You will not experience any downtime. During the porting process, your phone number will still be active with your current service provider. Once the transfer has completed, your phone number will become active on your Talkroute account and the transition will be seamless.

Talkroute processes all port requests within 1-2 business days. Once the port has been processed, the request is submitted to the carrier to release the phone number. The time required to release the number varies from provider to provider. The average time to complete a port request from the date of submission is 5-10 business days.

Yes. You may port as many numbers as needed! Numbers may be added or removed at anytime.

Whether you have 1 phone number or 100, we will port all of your numbers for free! Please Note: There may be additional charges associated with hosting more than 1x local or toll free phone number with your Talkroute account. Please see pricing for more information.

Yes. Talkroute does not charge any fees for porting your number to a different service (applies only to paid accounts in good standing).

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"An excellent virtual phone system for nonprofits"

- I honestly don’t know how we would go back to taking calls at our desks and hope we never have to!

Robert Virtual Phone System Review

Robert M.

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"Probably the best small business phone system"

- This solution is quick and simple to use. We selected a number and had the entire account setup in less than an hour.

Karen Virtual Phone System Review

Karen B.

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"This service has tons of great features"

- It's been a huge benefit being able to focus on the calls that we need to be taking.

Pierce Virtual Phone System Review

Pierce F.

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"Easy to setup & use! Call quality is excellent"

- We were able to get the perfect toll free number for our sales team up and running instantly.

Neel Virtual Phone System Review

Neel P.

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