10 of the Most Awful Yet Delightful Business Names


When it comes time to give your business a name, you can actually have a lot of fun coming up with a great one, but don’t have too much fun. If you don’t pay attention to how it may look or sound to others, you could end up stuck with a name for your business that is memorable, but in the worst way.

The following is a list of some of the worst company names ever conceived, while at the same time, they may be total genius.


10. Boring Business Systems

Named after one of its original executives, Allan D. Boring, this company is unashamed of its Boring namesake. In fact, they embrace it, explaining to outsiders that there is “nothing boring” about their features and services. (WorldWideInterweb)


9. Frying Nemo

Going strong to this day, Frying Nemo is a fish & chips restaurant serving the Northern Territory of Australia. Most will probably find the name clever and humorous, but when those people bring their kids to this place, they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. (Men’s Health)


8. You Can Cook Puppies

Now that’s just wrong. Apparently, this restaurant really existed at some point. Why in the world someone would give this name to their restaurant is unknowable, but something tells me the owner didn’t get a second opinion. (RealBusiness)


7. Lord of the Fries

This is a quite successful vegetarian restaurant in Australia, with a name obviously derivative of a classic literary work. It does kind of roll off the tongue, though, and it might be brilliant because it’s also pretty memorable. (Distractify)


6. Zzyzx Peripherals

This company provides data storage and backup, though you would never know it from the name. Business names don’t get much more cryptic than this, and their website isn’t any better because it doesn’t seem to exist. If they were going for mysterious and indecipherable, then they totally nailed it. (LightReading)


5. PMS Firearms, etc.

It’s probably safe to say that a gun store doesn’t really need to have a good name; however, they could’ve brainstormed a little longer for this one. Not only should PMS and firearms never mix, but the “etc.” part is also somewhat disturbing. (NedHardy)


4. I Feel Like Crepe

Known for its tasty dessert dishes, I Feel Like Crepe was forced to close up shop some years ago. Former customers had mostly positive things to say about the restaurant, but it just couldn’t do enough business to stay open. This may or may not have been due to its unappealing name. (Distractify)


3. A Salt & Battery

Still open now, this is another cleverly-named, albeit unsettling fish & chips restaurant in New York. Insert your pun here. Never mind; they already did. (Crave)

hitler fried chicken

2. Hitler

A restaurant in Thailand simply named Hitler, featuring the KFC logo with Hitler’s face instead of Col. Sanders, sold fried chicken to actual people, apparently. This seems to be something that is only possible in Thailand. The place was opened in 2013 and may still be open today, though it’s hard to believe that anyone would want fried chicken from a place called Hitler. (NY Times)


1. Killer for Hire

Perhaps this business has done so well because its customers enjoy telling their friends the name of the service they used to get rid of their bugs. Killer for Hire is a pest control service based in Louisiana. When you look this one up, just be sure to include the, “pest control” part in your search term. (Branding Beat)




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