10 Ways to a High Success Factor: Pro vs. Amateur

“Living a Princely life requires that you learn to think and reason like the Prince, talk and behave like him, react like him as well.” —Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Everyone started in business with the vigor and ambition of a teenager at his first job. You had some wild assurance that you would be able to handle everything that came and impress everyone around you, convinced that this was the beginning of a sustained line of success. In the same way, no entrepreneur starts their own business with the hope of being mediocre; you want to change the game, and you want to do what you do better than anybody else. And there’s no reason why you can’t do that.

The following points show the difference between the way an amateur thinks about business, and the way a pro sees it—which one are you?



1. Respect Your Schedule

The amateur sleeps in and starts the day’s work whenever he feels comfortable; the pro gets up early, goes for a quick run to get the juices flowing, and puts his nose to the grindstone whether he feels like it, or not.



2. The One-Man Band

The amateur tries to do everything all by himself; the pro relies on his team.



3. Pro Quality

The amateur cuts corners; the pro never compromises on quality.



4. The Virtue of Counsel

The amateur runs unfamiliar operations without advice; the pro asks for help.



5. Learn to Adapt

The amateur is stubborn; the pro is hardheaded, but knows when to shift gears.



6. The Good Steward

The amateur buys a new car as soon as the money comes in; the pro puts the money back into his business.


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7. Next to Godliness

The amateur says his office doesn’t need to be clean as long as he’s doing good business; the pro keeps his house in order.



8. Planning for the Worst

The amateur crosses his fingers and hopes for the best; the pro plans for disaster.



9. Can’t Win ‘Em All

The amateur can’t accept failure; the pro knows how important failure is.



10. Shades of Churchill

The amateur gives up when business looks bleak; the pro learns how to do better and keeps going.




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Stephanie10 Ways to a High Success Factor: Pro vs. Amateur