11 Perfect Gifts from Your Business for Under $20

We all want our gifts to be unique; we want them to be interesting, and hopefully the recipient actually enjoys their present. The same goes for choosing something to give from your business, and this can take a lot of time, energy, and money. In the spirit of the season, we have done some of the legwork to hopefully give some of your time and money back to you. Here are 11 great items for your clients and staff on a modest budget, for under $20.

1. Staple-Less Stapler, $16

Compact and functional, comes in different colors—what’s not to like? It has a mechanism that folds the paper in on itself to create a solid binding; no metal staples to get caught in the carpet, and no refills necessary.

2. Tracking Tile, $25

There isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t need this. It’s just above the $20 mark, but with something this cool and useful, you may want to throw in a little extra. Attach a nearly weightless “tile” to anything that could be easily misplaced, track it with the app, and they’ll never lose their keys again.

3. Engraved Money Clip, $17

Understated and classy, yet inexpensive—you can’t go wrong. Laser engraving of 3 initials included in the cost of this gift.

4. Turf Coasters, $15

Ok, so this probably falls into the category of cliché office gifts you would buy for your dad; nevertheless, it’s still one of those kitschy items guaranteed to put a smile on their face, at the very least.

5. “Meh” Mug, $5

For the serious coffee-drinker, a new favorite coffee mug is more important than it seems. It’s hard to beat the sentiment printed on this one.

6. USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer, $20

One cooler for one can. Plug it into your laptop on the train, or you the car on your commute, and boom!—hot or cold beverage on demand.

7. Printed Earbud Headphones, $16

Designed thoughtfully and artistically for the more fashion-savvy music-lover, the recipient of these headphones can play it loud in style.

8. Transformer Flash Drive, $7

You can’t not love a flash drive that’s also a transformer. Some of the most perfect gift ideas come from turning everyday items into something interesting—and this does just that.

9. Harry & David, Starts Under $20

Pretty much any gift from these guys is going to be a winner. Harry & David has basically synthesized the traditional idea of a fruit basket into affordable, boutique-style packages that are an instant crowd-pleaser. Their presentation and arrangements are great for any occasion, especially Christmas.

10. Charitable Donation

Are you looking for a gift for a prospective client who owns or supports a charity? Making a donation is the perfect opportunity to gain the respect and good favor of your client, while improving the image of your own company at the same time.

11. Company Swag

If you have some T-shirts, hats, tote bags, or any promotional merchandise for your company, then you can probably cross off a good portion of your shopping list already. Everybody loves swag.
Hopefully, these ideas will give you a good place to start and take some of the stress out of your business’ Christmas shopping. Happy Holidays from all of us @ Talkroute!


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Stephanie11 Perfect Gifts from Your Business for Under $20