121 Small Business Tools to Help Increase Revenue


As business owners, we are always looking for ways to save time, increase productivity, lower costs, and attract new customers. While your first instinct may be to throw money at the weak parts of your business, simply reevaluating the tools you are using may give you just the jump-start that you need.
Below is a list of 121 great business tools that you can easily start using today. Whether you’re a new small business or large corporation, there’s bound to be something here that will either help increase profits or allow you to spend your time more efficiently.


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Communications & Chat

Every business owner knows that communication is paramount to the success & growth of your organization. These business tools will help you stay connected to your customers and your team, while increasing efficiency:

[/x_video_embed] 1. Talkroute – Virtual Phone System for Businesses
If your business has a phone number, then you need Talkroute. Think of Talkroute as an add-on to your existing phones. The service manages your incoming calls and makes sure they get to the right departments and individuals. To try Talkroute for free, click here

2. Zopim – Talk to Your Customers in Real-Time
If you have a website that sells a product or service, you need Zopim. Zopim is a chat tool that allows you to talk with your customers while they browse your website. If you’re already using Zendesk for customer support, then adding Zopim should be a no-brainer. To try Zopim for free, click here


3. Slack – A Messaging App for Teams
Slack is an internal messaging platform that allows your team to engage in real-time communications, anywhere in the world. We strongly recommend using this tool, if you need to stay in constant contact with your team. To try Slack for free, click here




Accounting & Bookkeeping

Nothing steals time and gives business owners more anxiety then dealing with accounting problems. These business tools will help you manage your books, or better yet, find someone to do it for you:
quickbooks talkroute business tools
4. QuickBooks Online – #1 Online Accounting Software
QuickBooks Online is used globally by over 1 million paying customers. To try QuickBooks Online for free, click here

5. Freshbooks – Small Business Accounting Software
Using a solution like QuickBooks may be a little overwhelming for a small business that handles its own accounting, which is why Freshbooks designed their software with the small business owner in mind—not accountants. To try Freshbooks for free, click here


6. Wave Accounting – Free & Easy Accounting, Invoicing and More
More than a million small business owners have trusted Wave to track $60+ billion in income and spending, for free. Among other features, Wave automatically imports bank transactions, allows you to work from anywhere there is an internet connection, and it’s all secured with bank-level encryption. To sign up for a free Wave account, click here

zoho talkroute business tools
7. Zoho Books – Accounting software for growing businesses
Zoho Books is an easy-to-use, online accounting software specially designed for small businesses. Manage your finances, get paid faster, and stay on top of your cash flow with expense tracking and automated banking. To try Zoho for free, click here

8. Avalara – Tax Automation for Business
Do you hate dealing with taxes? You’re not alone. If you have to handle your own taxes, at least there’s a team who can take the stress out of the experience. Avalara automates the process of handling your business’ taxes. To get started with Avalara, click here

9. Bench – Your Personal Bookkeeping Team
If you are still reading through our list of accounting solutions, chances are you may just want someone to handle your books for you 🙂 We don’t blame you and the people at Bench can help with all of your bookkeeping needs. To try Bench for free, click here

10. SurePayroll – Easy. Online. Payroll.
SurePayroll calculates wages, pays your employees, and helps you stay compliant with payroll taxes & regulations. Their service gives you complete control over all aspects of your payroll, which you can change on the fly from anywhere, at any time. To get started with SurePayroll, click here

11. Gusto – Payroll and Benefits That Put People First
Trusted by over 25,000 businesses that love Gusto for its easy setup, automated tax filings and thoughtful support. To try Gusto for free, click here




Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Every savvy business owner knows how important it is to properly manage customer relationships. These business tools will help you to better manage both new leads & existing customers:
12. Salesforce – Sell Smarter With the World’s #1 CRM Solution
Salesforce gives your sales teams the power to close deals like never before with an array of cloud-based tools that increase productivity, keep pipeline filled with solid leads, and score more wins. To try Salesforce Online for free, click here


13. Infusionsoft – Powerful Sales and Marketing Software
Organize contacts so you can get to know them better and speak directly to their needs. It’s everything you need to know about your leads and customers in one place, so nothing falls through the cracks. To try Infusionsoft for free, click here


14. Insightly – The CRM That Works For YOUR Business
Insightly is a great tool to help small businesses deal with the vital task of managing contacts, organizations, partners, vendors, and suppliers, helping you stay on top of all your projects. They will also compile comprehensive information for your contacts and find every social media profile associated with an email address. To try Insightly for free, click here

15. Google Contacts
Google Contacts is of course just an address book that’s built into Gmail, and yet, it’s more than an address book. You can add just about any possible contact information to your contacts, and Google will automatically update contacts with their Google+ information, as well. The best part is that Google Contacts is free. Click here

16. Nimble – Social Selling, Made Easy
Nimble is the first CRM that works automatically wherever you’re engaging customers, and the additional Smart Contacts app provides the context you need to connect intelligently and take action, from any social site or business app. To try Nimble for free, click here



Customer Support

If there is one thing that can mean the difference between customers choosing you over the competition, it’s customer support. These business tools will help you provide better customer support to both new and existing customers:
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17. Zendesk – Customer Service Software & Support Ticket System
Zendesk is software for better customer service. Crafted by a global team of designers, engineers, and our own customer advocates, you can manage all your support conversations from this centralized platform. To try Zendesk for free, click here


18. Groove – Simple Online Help Desk Software
If you gave Zendesk a shot but found it to be a bit to complicated, then you need to try Groove. Groove is a simple yet robust customer support solution that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. To try Groove for free, click here


19. Zoho Help Desk – More happiness per ticket
Zoho Support is web-based customer service software designed to help you focus on what really matters—your customer. Check out their awesome tools for a higher caliber of customer support. To sign up for a free Zoho account, click here


20. SurveyMonkey – Free online survey software & questionnaire
SurveyMonkey is an awesome tool that lets you send surveys and questionnaires to your customers. Find out what you’re doing well and where you can improve to keep your customers happy. To try SurveyMonkey for free, click here

21. Freshdesk – Online customer support software and helpdesk
Deliver exceptional customer service with Freshdesk: Trusted by 50,000 companies worldwide. Get up and running fast with a customized helpdesk that enables you to stay in contact through all channels. To try Freshdesk for free, click here





If you are selling products or plan to sell products online, then you need to check out these e-commerce solutions. These business tools will help you sell your products online and get found in search results:
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shopify talkroute
22. Shopify – More Ways to Sell than Ever Before
Shopify doesn’t just provide you with an online store, they also have point-of-sale solutions and even allow you to sell on Twitter. To try Shopify Online for free, click here

23. Magento – Ecommerce Software & Ecommerce Platform
If you are looking for the ultimate ecommerce platform that offers infinite customization options, scalability, and awesome search engine optimization, then you want Magento. To try Magento for free, click here

24. Volusion – Create Your Online Store
Start selling quickly with Volusion’s ecommerce software including website, shopping cart and secure hosting. To try Volusion for free, click here

25. BigCommerce – Ecommerce Platform & Shopping Cart Software
BigCommerce combines a great ecommerce platform with awesome SEO tools that help your products get found by customers. To try BigCommerce for free, click here

woo commerce talkroute
26. WooCommerce – a Free Ecommerce Toolkit for WordPress
WooCommerce is a must if you sell products on your WordPress website. To try WooCommerce for free, click here



Email Marketing

If your business is not leveraging the power of email, there is no question that you are leaving money on the table. These business tools will help you market to new prospects and stay engaged with existing customers:
mailchimp talkroute
27. MailChimp – Send Better Email
Mailchimp does a lot more than just send email. You can create elaborate drip campaigns, manage subscribers, and monitor results. To try MailChimp for free, click here

28. Constant Contact – Email Marketing Software
With Constant Contact, you can create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet your business goals. To try Constant Contact for free, click here

29. AWeber – Industry-Leading Email Deliverability
Make lasting connections with AWeber’s practically-designed templates, mobile apps, and superior automation. Their team will give you the confidence that comes from knowing that your email marketing campaign is right on track. To try AWeber for free, click here


30. GetResponse – World’s Easiest Email Marketing
Gain access to expert email marketing tools with GetResponse. This software suits the needs of the experienced marketer, as well as the first-timer, bringing new meaning to simplicity with uncomplicated tools for creating sophisticated email campaigns. To try GetResponse for free, click here

31. iContact – Maximize the Power of Your Email Marketing
Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, iContact has created some of the most user-friendly tools out there. Choose from a variety of plans to fit any budget. To try iContact for free, click here

32. SendGrid – Transactional and Marketing Email on One Reliable Platform
Used by prominent companies like Uber and Spotify, this platform was built to serve developers; however, if you’re not a developer, SendGrid also offers straightforward programs to fit your needs. To try SendGrid for free, click here



Explainer Videos

There is reason that seasoned marketers say “Video is King”. You have probably seen explainer videos on other websites, clicked on them and even bought products from businesses that utilize them. These business tools will help you create and host an explainer video for your product or service:

33. GoAnimate – Make Professional Animated Videos
Animated explainer videos are extremely popular and GoAnimate allows you to create your own animated video using their online tools. To try GoAnimate for free, click here


34. PowToon – Create Animated Videos and Presentations
Like GoAnimate, PowToon also allows you to create animated videos online. This is another great tool and we recommend trying both to see which works best for your business and style. To try PowToon for free, click here


35. wyzowl – We Make Awesome Animated Explainer Videos
So have you tried the tools above but haven’t had much success? Then we recommend giving the team at wyzowl a shot. They will produce a great animated video for you without breaking the bank. To check out wyzowl, click here

wistia talkroute
36. Wistia – Video Hosting for Business
Now that you have a great video, you need a way to host and display it on your website. We highly recommend giving our friends at Wistia a try. To try Wistia for free, click here


37. Demo Duck – We Make Handcrafted Explainer Videos
If you have a reasonable budget for a high quality explainer video, then look no further than the team at Demo Duck. Create videos for any purpose with attentive professionals who won’t stop until you’re satisfied. To check out Demo Duck, click here




Funding & Loans

In order to pay for that next big marketing push or take advantage of buying inventory in large quantities, sometimes you need a little help. These business tools will help you find working capital and loans to grow your business:
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kabbage talkroute
38. Kabbage – Online Provider of Small Business Loans
Kabbage is one of the most practical funding solutions you’ll find. You can get instantly approved for a loan up to 100k and repay it in monthly payments over 0-12 months. To apply for Kabbage, click here


39. CanCapital – Small Business Funding
Like Kabbage, CanCapital will approve you for a loan up to 150k that you can repay in 0-12 months. To apply for CanCapital, click here


40. PayPal Working Capital – Working Capital for Your Business
PayPal Working Capital provides you with a loan that is repaid from a percentage of the sales you make, so there is no credit check or lengthy application process. To get started, click here


41. Bond Street – Small Business Funding
Bond Street provides loans up to 500k and you can be approved in as little as 7 days. To apply for Bond Street, click here


42. Credibly – Small Business Loans and Working Capital to Trust
Credibly provides loans up to 250k and you can be approved in 48 hours. To apply for Credibly, click here

talkroute dealstruck
43. DealStruck – Business Loans; Fast, Easy, Affordable
Dealstruck offers small business loans up to $250k and business lines of credit up to $500k. To apply for Dealstruck, click here


44. Fundation – Online Small Business Loans; Fast & Easy
Conventional business loans up to 500k. To apply for Fundation, click here


45. Funding Circle – Business Financing
Business loans up to 500k in as little as 2 weeks. To apply for Funding Circle, click here

talkroute lending club
46. LendingClub – Better Rates. Together.
Lending Club is the world’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors. To apply for LendingClub, click here


47. National Funding – Complete Small Business Solutions
Business loans up to 500k in as little as 48 hours. To apply for National Funding, click here


48. OnDeck – Business Loans
Business loans from 5k to 500k for small businesses. To apply for OnDeck, click here


49. BlueVine – Invoice Factoring; Fast and Simple
BlueVine gives small businesses an advance on their invoices, freeing up their cash to meet payroll, buy supplies and expand their business. To signup for BlueVine, click here



Hiring & Recruitment

As your business grows—so will your team. These business tools will help you find and recruit the best employees and partners for your business:
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talkroute workable
50. Workable – Simple Recruitment Software
Workable is everything you need to hire, in one place. From posting your job ad to managing candidates, it saves time on the admin side and creates time for people. To try Workable for free, click here

51. Indeed – Your Next Hire is Here
Indeed helps millions of job seekers and employers find the right fit every day. Start hiring now on the world’s #1 job site. To get started with Indeed, click here


52. Monster – Find Your Next Hire with Monster!
Remember Monster? Of course you do—that’s because they’ve been around for a long time. Automatically distribute your jobs across the Monster network including thousands of leading national, local, and niche sites. To get started with Monster, click here


53. LinkedIn – World’s Largest Professional Network
If you own a business, you probably should have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great place to find and recruit top talent for your business. To signup for LinkedIn, click here

talkroute CoFoundersLab
54. CoFoundersLab – Find A Co-founder in Any City, Any Industry
If are looking for a partner for your business, then look no further than the CoFoundersLab. You can meet like-minded individuals that share your passion for starting and growing a business. To signup for CoFoundersLab, click here
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55. The Ladders – Discover your next great hire
Explore millions of candidates on TheLadders who are ready for new opportunities. To get started with The Ladders, click here


56. Recruiter – We’re changing the way recruiting is done
Recruiter makes finding great employees easy. It cuts through the clutter and gets back to the basics of finding and hiring great people. To get started with Recruiter, click here



Human Resources

Managing employees can be a full time job. These business tools will help you manage your team more effectively:

57. Grovo – Help Good People Get Better, Every Day
The workforce of today is aggressively changing, and our methods for training that workforce need to change along with it. The forward-thinking team at Grovo is bringing training solutions into the 21st century. Request your demo here


58. TimeClockPlus – Time & Attendance Software
TimeClockPlus offers a wide variety of customization options, and they provide easy access to tracked time. You can track time, save money, and prevent stressful attendance management issues. To check out TimeClockPlus, click here

allay talkroute
59. Allay – Smart, Automated, All-in-One HR
Onboard new hires, sign important documents, manage time-off, employee benefits, and more. To get started with Allay, click here


60. Litmos – A Learning Platform for Every Team, Division and Company
Used by 3,000,000 users, including large enterprise companies, SMBs, and not-for-profits, Litmos is the world’s easiest-to-use Learning Management System. To try Litmos for free, click here


61. HR360 – HR Apps & Tools
HR360 puts HR and benefits compliance at your fingertips. They are a one-stop solution that streamlines your HR function and gets you back to doing what you do best — building your business. To check out HR360, click here




Logo Design

They say you buy with your eyes for a reason. There is no denying that your business needs a logo that is both modern and conveys the intended message to customers. These business tools will help you create and design a logo that fits your organization:
logoworks talkroute
67. Logoworks – Professional Logo Design
The folks at Logoworks know how to make beautiful logos that will fit your business perfectly. To get started with Logoworks, click here


68. 99 Designs – Logo Designs
Whether you need a new logo or custom t-shirts for your business, 99 Designs has got you covered. To get started with 99 Designs, click here


69. Logogenie – Design Your Own Logo
Logogenie is a simple, creative new way to design logos. Try out their easy to use online design tools and make your ideas come to life. To get started with Logogenie, click here

logomakr talkroute
70. logomakr – Create Your Logo
Logomkr is a free only design tool that allows you to create your own logos and graphics. To try logomakr for free, click here


71. Logo Garden – Design Your Logo Online
Here is another free online design tool that lets you create professional logos. To try Logo Garden for free, click here




Marketing & Advertising

One of the most obvious ways to increase revenues is to invest in marketing. Choosing the right advertising channels it vital for a successful campaign. These business tools will help you run effective marketing and advertising campaigns that will bring in new business:
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adwords talkroute
72. Google Adwords – Pay-Per-Click Advertising
So while Google Adwords is definitely not perfect, it still remains one of the best ways to get found by your customers. To get started with Google Adwords, click here


73. Yelp – for Business Owners
If you haven’t already, make sure your business is listed on Yelp. Once you have done this, you can take things a step further by making sure your listing is always seen with Yelp Ads. To get started with Yelp Advertising, click here
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74. Facebook Ads – Facebook for Business
There is a good chance you are on facebook and so are your customers. Facebook Ads allows you to target specific demographics on facebook and get your product or service in front of them. To get started with Facebook Ads, click here


75. Adroll – Retargeting and Performance Marketing Platform
Have you ever left a website only to see their ad pop up moments later as if it is following you? That is called retargeting. Adroll can help you reach potential customers that left your website without buying. To try Adroll for free, click here

76. LinkedIn Ads – Targeted Self-Service Ads
If you are targeting other businesses or professionals in specific fields, you may want to consider giving LinkedIn Ads a try. To get started with LinkedIn Ads, click here




It goes without saying that is can be tough to increase revenues if you can’t accept payments. Gone are the days of “cash only” signs next to the register. If you don’t accept some form of electronic payment, there is no doubt you are missing out on a huge number of potential customers. These business tools will help you accept and request all forms of electronic payments:
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77. Recurly – Subscription Billing and Recurring Billing Experts
Recurly offers enterprise-class subscription billing for thousands of companies worldwide. To get started with Recurly, click here

paypal talkroute
78. PayPal – Merchant Services
If you have bought something online, you have probably used PayPal. Whether you need to send an invoice for a custom product or simply sell products through your online shop, PayPal has got you covered. To get started with PayPal, click here


79. Square – Credit Card Processing & Business Solutions
Square really is the name when it comes to mobile payments. But they don’t stop there. They also offer retail and online payments as well. To get started with Square, click here


80. Braintree – Accept Payments Online
If your business has a recurring subscription model, then you need to check out Braintree. They will even give you 50k worth of free processing when you sign up. To get started with Braintree, click here


81. Amazon Payments – Accept Payments Online And On Mobile
Amazon Payments is a fast, easy and safe way to accept payments online and on mobile. To get started with Amazon Payments, click here

82. Stripe – Payment Infrastructure for the Internet
If you have a large online store, then you may want to check out Stripe. Stripe Checkout offers a beautiful, customizable payment flow that works great across desktop and mobile. To get started with Stripe, click here


83. Authorize – Accept Payments. Anywhere
Authorize is probably one of the most established payment processors in the marketplace. They are perfect for accepting retail, online, and mobile payments. To get started with Authorize, click here

quickbooks payments talkroute
84. Intuit Quickbook Payments – Faster Payment Processing
We really like Intuit payments for businesses that accept payments by phone or have a physical location. However, if you run an online store, you will probably need a second processor or want to consider something different all together. To get started with Intuit, click here


85. Google Wallet / Android Pay – Faster Payment Processing
Google Wallet for business makes it quick and easy for your customers to checkout from any device. To get started with Google Wallet, click here



Project Management & Collaboration

For most businesses, being able to collaborate on projects with your team is paramount to success. These business tools will help you collaborate and plan out your next project:

86. Basecamp – Work together the easy way
Basecamp’s unique blend of tools is everything any team needs to stay on the same page about whatever they’re working on. To try Basecamp for free, click here

87. Moqups – Online Mockup, Wireframe & UI Prototyping Tool
Moqups is a nifty HTML5 app used to create wireframes, mockups, or UI concepts. This is a great way for you and your team to share ideas. To try Moqups for free, click here

88. Awesome Screenshot – The Easiest Way to Communicate with Images
Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture what you see on your screen, add annotations, and share it with your team. They will produce a great animated video for you without breaking the bank. To to try Awesome Screenshot for free, click here


89. OneDesk – Plan + Build + Support
A single platform to manage your customer service, product management, project management. To try OneDesk for free, click here


90. Redbooth – Be 50% More Productive
Give your team a central hub for task management and improved planning. Empower your team to keep projects on track. To try Redbooth for free, click here



Sales Leads

Looking to generate new sales leads? These business tools will help you find and convert targeted leads:
lead411 talkroute
91. Lead411 – Business Leads
Receive customized leads in your inbox daily. These leads are derived by Lead411’s hardworking research team from the most recent company articles and news. To try Lead411 for free, click here


92. Bizness CRM – Selling to Small Business Made Easy
Bizness CRM clearly and concisely organizes local leads by industry, and then it narrows them down based on numerous optional search criteria. To try Bizness CRM for free, click here


93. infoUSA – Start Finding New Customers with targeted, accurate mailing lists
Sometimes good old-fashioned direct mail is the way to go. infoUSA has already gathered all the data, and all you have to do is access their database to find new contacts. To get started with infoUSA, click here


94. Lead Pages – Landing Page Generator
If you are investing marketing to targeted lead lists, then you want to send those leads to highly targeted landing pages. Lead Pages allows you to easily create highly effective landing pages that will help improve your conversion rates. To try Lead Pages for free, click here





Scheduling employees, meetings, demos and other various events are a daily task for most businesses. These business tools will help make scheduling even easier:

95. When I Work – Employee Scheduling Made Easy
Simple employee scheduling software and online time clock with free scheduling apps and time clock apps. Send mobile alerts to your staff about their shifts. To try When I Work for free, click here

calendly talkroute
96. Calendly – Simple, beautiful scheduling
Calendly is a great way to schedule meetings and demos with clients. To try Calendly for free, click here


97. Google Calendar – Calendar for Google Apps
It may sound like an obvious one to most but Google Calendar is definitely worth mentioning. To to get started with Google Calendar, click here

appointy talkroute
98. Appointy – Online Scheduling Software
Appointy’s online scheduling software has everything you need to grow and manage your business in one easy to use and powerful user interface. To try Appointy for free, click here


99. Rallly – Collaborative Scheduling
Collaborative Scheduling Done Right. Rallly lets you and your team vote on a date to host an event or meeting. To try Rallly for free, click here




Social Media

Being active on social media can definitely boost customer engagement and ultimately, your revenue. These social media sites and business tools will help you get started and manage your social media presence:
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facebook talkroute
100. Facebook
Facebook is still revered as the ultimate social networking platform and we highly recommend creating a facebook page for your business. To create a Facebook page, click here


101. Google Plus
While not as popular as facebook, Google Plus is still a good place to create a page dedicated to your business. To create a Google Plus page, click here

twitter talkroute
102. Twitter
Twitter can be an awesome way to engage your customers, especially if you have daily news or content to post. To create a Twitter account, click here


103. LinkedIn
Every one of your team members should have a LinkedIn account and so should your business. LinkedIn is a great way to network with other businesses & professionals, and presence here is a good validation for customers. To create a LinkedIn account, click here


104. Hootsuite – The Best Way To Manage Social‎
Hootsuite is a great tool that allows you to manage all of your social network accounts from one platform. You can post new content simultaneously across all of your platforms. To try Hootsuite for free, click here


105. Sprout Social – Schedule. Publish. Analyze.‎
Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence. To try Sprout Social for free, click here



Web Design

Did you know that 81% of customers conduct online research before buying a product or service? This is why a professional website is a must for a business of any size. These business tools will help you design and host a great website:
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106. Squarespace – Build a Website
If you need a great looking website and don’t want to have to learn any code, then you need to check out Squarespace. To try Squarespace for free, click here

wix talkroute
107. Wix – Free Website Builder
Create a free website with Wix. Customize with Wix’ free website builder, no coding skills needed. To try Wix for free, click here


108. WordPress – Create a Free Website or Blog
WordPress is a powerful open source platform. Many of your favorite websites are probably built on wordpress. However, be prepared to learn some basic CSS and HTML in order to get the exact look you want. To try WordPress for free, click here


109. Joomla – The CMS Trusted By Millions for their Websites
Like WordPress, Joomla is another powerful open source platform. To try Joomla for free, click here

godaddy talkroute
110. GoDaddy – Domain Names
GoDaddy is more than just domain names. They also offer website design tools and hosting. To get started with GoDaddy, click here
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111. Web – Website Builder
Web includes their easy-to-use website building tool with hundreds of starter templates you can use to customize your design. To try Web for free, click here

wpengine talkroute
112. WPEngine – WordPress Hosting, Perfected
If you are planning to utilize WordPress, WPEngine is a great choice to host your new site. To get started with WPEngine, click here



Website Optimization

If you are reading this, then you probably already have a great looking website but you want to increase the number of conversions you receive. These business tools will help you convert more web visitors into paying customers:

113. Crazy Egg – Visualize Where Your Visitors Click
Have you ever wondered what your website visitors actually click on? Crazy Egg provides you with a heat map that shows you where your visitors actually click. To try Crazy Egg for free, click here

bounce exchange talkroute
114. Bounce Exchange – Behavioral Automation & Exit Intent
Bounce Exchange predicts what your visitors need in real time to convert at a higher rate. Their advanced behavioral automation guides them down the conversion funnel based on their unique action pathways. To get started with Bounce Exchange, click here


115. Nelio A/B Testing – It’s Time To Revamp Your WordPress
If you run a WordPress site, Nelio A/B Testing is a great plugin that allows you to test changes to your website and see which converts best. To try Nelio A/B Testing for free, click here

ahrefs talkroute
116. Ahrefs – Backlink Checker & SEO Report
Analyze websites, track social media, build backlinks – Ahrefs has you covered. To try Ahrefs for free, click here


117. Spyfu – Keyword Research Tools
Spyfu allows you to download Your competitors’ most profitable keywords
and ads for paid and organic search. To try Spyfu for free, click here


118. Paletton – The Color Scheme Designer
Paletton is a great way to come up with a color schemes for your website. To try Paletton for free, click here
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119. Optimizely – A/B Testing & Personalization Platform
Create personalized experiences based on visitor behavior, so you can give your customers the relevant digital experiences they expect. To get started with Optimizely, click here

keyword planner talkroute
120. Google Keyword Planner
Google Adwords provides an excellent keyword research tool to help you understand exactly what words and phrases your customers are searching for. To get started with Google Keyword Planner, click here


121. Moz – SEO Software, Tools and Resources for Better Marketing
Boost your online visibility and keep ahead of competitors with Moz. To try Moz for free, click here


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