3 Reasons Your Business Service Provider Isn’t Good Enough


Your business depends on consistent communication, and much of your communication relies on quality phone service. It’s for that reason that the service providing you with a phone system cannot give you a barely adequate, shiny product that has minimal features and unreliable service.


1. Charging by the Minute

A staggering number of virtual phone service providers still charge by the minute, and they are getting away with it for the sole reason that these providers have essentially made it customary; so, it’s generally rare to find a virtual provider that does not charge per minute.

They use this pricing structure because they stand to gain a great deal of profit from businesses in overage charges. Charging a business by the minute for phone service is like asking a doctor to buy their own gloves and needles. It’s petty and insulting.

When you use a virtual phone service that simply charges you a base rate for unlimited minutes, you can be fairly certain that it’s a provider that will take better care of you.


2. VoIP

Another one of the unfortunate norms among virtual phone services is to connect calls using an Internet connection.

Although VoIP has been in wide use for quite a while now and can be really effective, it often presents problems for the user. That type of service relies on your own Internet connection to connect your calls, which means that if you have a weak connection, insufficient bandwidth, or lapses in Internet service, then calls can be easily compromised.

It is a far superior method to route calls over the PSTN (traditional telephone network), and there are virtual providers that offer this service.


3. Managing Multiple Simultaneous Calls

How well does your current provider handle multiple calls coming in at once? Can it handle them at all? There are a lot of services out there now that will just give callers a busy signal if you’re already on a call, which means you might as well say goodbye to that customer forever if they’re calling you for the first time.

You need a phone service that will manage multiple callers on hold at the same time and never let them hear a busy signal.

We don’t like to change phone service providers, especially for our businesses, but there are times when you’re just not getting enough. There’s no reason to stay with a service that doesn’t offer unlimited and reliable calling with all the professional features that your business needs. Start a free trial with Talkroute today, and find out what you’re missing.




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Stephanie3 Reasons Your Business Service Provider Isn’t Good Enough