4 Extraordinary Stories of Great Customer Service


These are exceptional examples that give us a standard which anyone who works in customer service can strive to achieve. Though we may not be able to make such extraordinary gestures towards our customers every day, of course, these examples show that great customer service can have a powerful effect.

bank teller money

Banker Gives Away $400 of Her Own Money

This is an old story. On a Friday like any other, a man was scrambling to get to his bank on time so that he could withdraw money that he would need imminently. His situation was dire because he had just learned that his mother had died, and he needed to get on a plane as soon as possible.

As the bank was about to close, the branch manager showed remarkable generosity out of concern for the man’s terrible circumstances. She withdrew $400 from the ATM out of her own bank account and gave it to the man so that he could pay for his flight home. (TransCosmos)

airline pizza

Airline Pilot Orders Pizza for Weary Travelers

There isn’t much that can lift your spirits when your flight gets delayed or cancelled, but one pilot made a rare effort to do just that for his passengers.

Gerhard Bradner, a pilot for Frontier Airlines, was flying passengers from Washington, D.C. to Denver, when they were unexpectedly diverted and delayed for many hours due to inclement weather. The pilot decided to break protocol and order pizza for everyone on the plane to help them pass the time. (TransCosmos)

taco bell alaska

Taco Bell Comes to Alaska

This is the unlikely account of a dream come true for anyone living in remote areas of the country—Taco Bell’s tacos, airdropped in the form of a food truck to the inhabitants of Bethel, Alaska like manna from Heaven. Taco Bell became aware of a hoax that was cruelly played on the town in its name, wherein the perpetrators sent out fliers claiming that Taco Bell was opening a new location in Bethel.

When executives from the real Taco Bell heard about the hoax, they recognized it as the perfect opportunity for a marketing stunt by actually delivering on the promise, and the residents of the town benefited, too. (Oddee)


McDonald’s Cashier Shows True Kindness

In a downtown Chicago McDonald’s, even during rush hour, one of the cashiers went far beyond customer service for a disabled man who needed help. He was speaking to a man a wheelchair from behind the register when he realized that what the man actually needed was someone to help him eat his meal.

The cashier rose to the occasion and walked around the counter to usher the man to a table and proceed to personally cut his food for him. (Customers That Stick)




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