4 Ways to Simplify How You Do Business


Business owners are always looking for new ways of streamlining everything they do, to save time, money, and energy. Here, we explore a few ways to simplify your business and eliminate clutter, in favor of potency.

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1. Offer fewer options.

Take the obvious example of a restaurant. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, then you have already seen how this can work.
Many restaurants aim to impress their customers by offering an extensive menu, with all kinds of dishes; however, limiting the menu to 10-15, or even fewer dishes of better quality, is usually more palatable to diners.
You can employ this same strategy at your own business by limiting your products, features, or options, thereby making it more manageable to customers.


2. Focus on doing one thing, very well.

If it appears that you do a lot of different things that seem unrelated—or even just too many things—then potential customers may be intimidated, or confused about what you are really good at.
A massive corporation like Amazon can get away with selling everything under the sun because they have branded themselves as a one-stop shop and people are actually buying all those things.
For a small business, it may not be as profitable. You may find that if you do one thing exceptionally well, people know that they can go to you for that specific product and be reasonably sure that it will be a great product because that is the only thing you do.

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3. Make the switch to cloud-based management tools.

The tools you use to stay organized are one of the most important elements of your business. Clerical errors, lost records, and missed appointments are far more likely if you are using mostly paper records, or if you use outdated software to keep track of it all.
Using cloud-based, or even updated on-premises software can save space, as well as time that could have been lost as a result of errors and time spent searching for documents. There are now software solutions for everything from payroll, to email marketing.
Here’s a comparison article on cloud-based productivity software, to get you started:



4. Never miss a business call again with a virtual phone system.

Technology for business phone systems has advanced quite a bit in the last few years, namely the ability to implement a cloud-hosted PBX system.
Many businesses still benefit from traditional phone systems, of course, but using a virtual phone system like Talkroute can save your business a great deal of money and headache by eliminating the need for expensive equipment and service charges.
A Talkroute virtual phone system connects calls using the networks of your existing phones, so there is no new equipment to buy or service changes to make. You can run your business from the existing phones of team members, or even just one cell phone, if you’re flying solo.
It comes complete with an auto attendant, professional-grade voicemail, and many more features. To see if Talkroute works for your business, you can try it for free.




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