6 Common Email Templates for Professionals


A personalized message is always the best way to connect with people, whether they are colleagues, friends, or customers. But if you’re short on time, or not sure what to say, these prepared templates are a great way to get the message across quickly and clearly.


Thank You for Your Business

Thank you for choosing (your business)! You are not just a number. We greatly value our customers, and we hope to continue to fulfill your needs for as long as you’re with us. We appreciate your business very much. Come visit us again soon!


Delayed Response

I apologize for my delayed response. I hope that you don’t take my tardiness as disrespect because I’m glad that you have reached out. Thanks for taking the time to contact me.


Angry Customer

Thank you for getting in touch with us, (customer’s name). I regret very much that we have caused you frustration. I will be happy to work with you to find a solution to this issue, and I thank you for your patience.


General Inquiry

I would love to speak with you about _____, and I hope that you can find some time to briefly go over a few questions that I have. Feel free to respond at your leisure. You can reach me at _____, or respond right here.


Referral Motivation

Did you have a great experience with (your business)? Then we hope that you will tell your friends about us! Your referral is the best kind of advertising, so we would like to thank you in advance if you tell others about us. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do better 🙂


Follow Up

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. If there’s anything else that we can assist with, please let me know and we will be glad to accommodate you in any way that we can. Have a great day!



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6 Common Email Templates for Professionals