6 Signs that Your Business is Taking Over Your Life


This is an article about not letting your work get the better of you; it’s about not losing yourself in your business, which can be detrimental to your well-being. Honestly, it is necessary sometimes to devote pretty much all of your time & energy to your business, at the expense of being involved in your own life. It’s when this becomes the norm and perpetuates itself as a permanent cycle that you should be concerned.


1. You literally only go home to sleep.

This basically means that you spend just about your entire waking life at work. If it has gotten this extreme (which is not uncommon), then it’s time to seriously assess how your real life fits into your schedule.


2. Your family is sending you signals.

When you have a family at home, they are your greatest allies because they have your back. So when your family starts telling you that you’re spending too much time at work, you should listen. Furthermore, if you start ignoring calls from family, then you really need to check yourself.


3. You work the whole time when you go out.

Tending to your business can easily become something like an addiction that begins to cut more and more into your personal life. You can mix business and pleasure if you want, but it’s not a good sign when they become one and the same.


4. You’re skipping meals.

You’re really cutting into dangerous territory when you start skipping meals because the business is then taking away from what your body needs to function. That’s just not worth it.


5. The business is the only thing you think about.

Do you even have time to think? People normally say this as kind of an exaggerated cliché, but it may actually be real for you. There is something to be said for at least thinking about things other than work, when you’re not at work.


6. The only exercise you get is walking from the car to the house.

Many of us don’t get the exercise that we should. Saying that we don’t have time for it is another one of those clichés, but if it’s actually true for you, fitting in a walk every day becomes even more important.




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Stephanie6 Signs that Your Business is Taking Over Your Life