6 Ways to Increase Revenue from Black Friday


Black Friday is beginning to lose its salt—that is, this one day is becoming a whole season under the monikers, “Black Friday Season”, “Black November”, and others. A few years ago, maybe a decade, retailers began to institute a new holiday, a buying holiday that inspired shoppers to become professional deal-hunters, even to the point of craziness. This unofficial holiday has been going strong for a while now, but with early preparations by retailers to take advantage of their willing patrons and the onset of mass online shopping, the day after Thanksgiving has started to blur into a month or more of dedicated bargain-hunting.

1. Start Your Promotions Early

If your business is to remain competitive this season, then you may have to consider offering special promotions and deals reserved for Black Friday, a little early. The online retail giant Amazon has already launched its preemptive strike to capitalize on early birds, offering deals as part of their promotion, “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week”. You can bet that other big retailers will be following suit.


2. Amp Up Online Sales

Let’s not forget about Cyber Monday, which promises to become more relevant to businesses and consumers in the future. At the risk of beating a dead horse, it bears repeating that you must be ultra-conscious of your web presence as a small business owner. Especially if the bulk or entirety of your sales comes from online business, you cannot afford to miss your deal-seekers during this high-volume holiday shopping season.


3. Show Empathy for Shoppers who Brave the Crowds

When your business expects a good deal of foot traffic to your store, it can’t hurt to show some empathy for the perils and stress your customers have to endure when they decide to go out in the pulsing crowds, bad traffic, and worse weather to do their shopping. Even if your business does not have a physical store, the sentiment will still go a long way.


4. Augment Social Media

Getting into the conversation on social media can help you gain some attention for your business, but it can also reveal the hot products that consumers are into this year, among other things. And of course the obvious benefit to becoming more active in social media in the weeks leading up to Black Friday is the opportunity to spread the reach of any promotions you may have.


5. Start Your Own Conversation with Content

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you can draw some great traffic by posting holiday-related content on your blog, comments page, and the like. Take a look, first, at what’s trending in related topics, and use that to direct your content accordingly because it won’t do any good if you’re writing stuff that your customers aren’t looking at.


6. Take Care of Your Team

Many times, the people who suffer the most stress on and around Black Friday are employees who have to work tough hours with some of the heaviest volume of the year. It will give your team a great relief if you can make it a little easier on them, and if your team is happier and more productive—you will enjoy a more productive holiday season.




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Stephanie6 Ways to Increase Revenue from Black Friday