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Ali Hashimi, Owner & Founder
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Ali is not new to the game of running a business. He has decades of experience in his field, and like many small business owners today, Ali found that his outdated phone system could not support the growth of his business. He searched for a solution to his telephone woes, and he found Talkroute. Here is the story of how Ali transformed his business with a virtual phone system:


My name is Ali Hashimi, and I’m the President and Founder of NOVA Landscape and Design. We are a design build landscaping firm located in Dumfries, Virginia, and we have been servicing the greater Northern Virginia area for over 20 years.

I first came across Talkroute while doing research for a virtual phone system for our growing landscape business. I spoke to numerous companies; however, none of them offered the flexibility, affordability, and ease of use that Talkroute presented.

We specifically needed a system that could integrate with our existing landline phones and that had the capability to transfer a live call from the landline, over to a cell phone. The other systems we came across either lacked the live transfer capability from a landline, or they charged by the minute.

After reaching out to the sales team at Talkroute, I spoke to a highly personable individual named Mason. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and patient in answering all my questions. What also captured my attention was the direct contact with Mason. Unlike the other companies I reached, Mason picked up my phone call immediately; I wasn’t transferred between various call centers until I could locate someone who could answer my questions.

Immediately after my first discussion, I signed up and started the porting process to move my existing phone number over to Talkroute. Once again, this was a seamless process. Thorough communication took place during the entire porting process, informing me where my number stood each step of the way.

During my time as a customer, I have found Talkroute to be superbly reliable and extremely easy to use. Talkroute feels like a custom phone system built for and around our company. We couldn’t be happier.

Talkroute has transformed the way we do business. In the past, we used to receive customer leads, take them down on paper, and pass them along to the appropriate individual to respond. We would often lose customer leads due to lost paper, or by simply taking too long to respond to the client.

Now with Talkroute, our sales leads are being transferred to the correct person immediately over a live call, or through the menu prompts. We have already noticed a huge increase in the number of leads that actually convert to sales. We attribute an enormous part of our success directly to Talkroute and the amazing new opportunity it’s provided, helping us become more efficient in and out of the office.

Thank you to the entire team at Talkroute for delivering a fantastic product and service. You have a customer for life.


Ali Hashimi is the President & Founder of NOVA Landscape and Design, a landscaping firm located in Dumfries, VA. Find NOVA on Twitter @NOVA_Landscape or at their website:


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