Anna M – Business Owner

Talkroute: Please tell us a little about your business.
Anna M: I own and operate a fashion based e-commerce website and blog. We are a small operation but we have come a long way in the past few years and we are excited about the future!

Talkroute: That’s great! Congratulations on your success!
Anna M: Oh thank you!

Talkroute: You are most welcome! Please tell us a little about how you discovered talkroute and how it helped your business.
Anna M: Well, I guess I should start by telling you what our issues were. My staff and I needed the freedom to be in our home offices, out at a show, or meeting together at the local coffee shop. For the longest time, I was stuck either using my [cellular] phone for my entire business or I had to purchase a complex and expensive phone system that I could only use in our office. So either I sounded super unprofessional and small or I was stuck in a room unable to go out and grow my business. It was a terrible dilemma, especially for a young business that could not afford to miss a sales call that may mean the difference between paying your staff or not. It was very stressful.

I began searching the internet for alternative phone solutions and I came across talkroute. Talkroute completely solved all of our phone issues. Our staff could be out handling the day to day and still be connected together under one system. It was a great find and totally changed our daily lives.

Talkroute: We are so happy that we could help! What is your favorite feature of the talkroute system?
Anna M: My favorite feature has to be call announce. Being able to hear where the call is coming from and having the option to answer or send it back to the [Smart Hold] is super helpful. It gives me a chance to put on my game face and make the sale or if I’m not in a quiet area, I can just put the call back on hold and one of my other staff will answer it.

Talkroute: That is great to hear! What is the single most important benefit that you experience with talkroute?
Anna M: Definitely freedom! I can literally be anywhere and do anything without being disconnected from my customers and staff. It’s wonderful!

Talkroute: That is awesome! Well thank you for taking the time to speak with us and best of luck with your business.
Anna M: You are most welcome!

Anna M – Business Owner