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Give callers more choices with a multi-level auto attendant.

Auto Attendant for Business

auto attendantWhat is the Auto Attendant?

The auto attendant (also known as a call menu, phone tree, or IVR) allows your callers to choose a department or team member that they wish to be connected to by selecting the desired menu option.

Give your callers even more options by adding submenus to your auto attendant. Now your phone system can have multiple levels of options for callers to choose from.

Streamline your phone system with our auto attendant and route your calls where they need to go!

What you can do with the Auto Attendant

  • Department & Team Options

    Give your callers more choices

    Menu options (also known as single-digit extensions) are a great way to send callers to specific departments such as sales, support, billing & more. Don’t have departments? No problem! You can also configure options to route calls directly to your team members.

    Department & team options can be configured to ring all of your phones & desktop users. You may set dates & times to route calls & choose whether to ring your phones at the same time or in the a specific order.

    Department & Team Options
  • Submenus

    Multi-level menu system

    The auto attendant provides you with up to ten menu options. However there may be instances where you need more menu options & that’s where submenus can help.

    Submenus give you the ability to add multiple levels of menu options to your auto attendant. For example, if you wish to provide calls with separate menus for different languages or based on a certain location, submenus would be the perfect solution.

    Submenus can be added to the auto attendant, extensions, & even as an after hours destination.

  • Automated Messages

    Give your callers access to important information

    Provide your callers with menu options that play automated messages. Now your caller’s can gain access to important information such as your business’s hours of operation without needing to speak to your team.

    Upload or record your custom messages right from your online account.

    Once the automated message finishes playing you may route callers back to the auto attendant, a submenu, phone number, user, or voice mailbox.

    Automated Messages
  • Voicemail Menu Options

    Send callers directly to voicemail

    Add menu options that route callers directly to specific voice mailboxes.

    Keep your team informed with push notifications & voicemail-to-email notifications.

    Separate voice messages by creating mailboxes for each of your menu options.

    Voicemail Extensions
  • Dial-by-Name Directories

    Connect callers to your team

    Create dial-by-name directories that give your callers the ability to connect with the right team member.

    Do you have multiple team members with the same first or last name? No problem, you can add a submenu to your directory & give your callers the opportunity to choose the team member they wish to reach.

    You can even create list directories that provide callers with numerous options to choose from based on the 3 or 4 digit extension they enter.

    Dial-by-Name Directories

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Auto Attendant FAQ

Yes. You may route as many of your Talkroute phone numbers to the auto attendant as needed. You may also choose to route some of your Talkroute phone number to the auto attendant and route other numbers directly to your phones or another destination.

The auto attendant gives you the ability to create 10 (0-9) menu options (also known as single digit extensions). However, you can add more menu options by adding submenus to your auto attendant.

A common example of this is to have multiple submenus that provide different 0-9 menu options based on the language that was selected by the caller.

You may add as many submenus & menu options as needed.

Yes. Menu options may be forwarded to a single phone or multiple phones. You can also choose to ring your phones in a specific order or at the same time.

Yes. Menu options may be routed to a single desktop user or multiple desktop users. You can also choose to ring your desktops in a specific order or at the same time.

Yes. You may upload or record custom messages to play when the caller enters a specific menu option.

Yes. Menu options can route callers directly to a specific voice mailbox.

You may add as many directories as needed to your Talkroute phone system.

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