Auto Attendant Phone System: Increases Efficiency and Productivity


The simplest way for a customer to reach a business is via call. A customer can have any kind of query or problem related to business. To get it solved, he dials the helpline number of the business and expects to find a solution in the shortest possible period of time. But what if the customer goes through frustrating call transfers to different departments to finally reach the right person who answers his question? What if he hangs up because he was unable to get a real person on the phone?

This is when an Auto Attendant Phone System comes into the picture for business. An auto attendant makes sure that every interaction with the customer is as efficient and effective as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about the Auto Attendant Phone System.


Attendant Phone System

What is an Auto Attendant Phone System?


It helps you handle your customers professionally by directing them towards the service or department they are actually looking for. It saves both your and your customer’s time. Based on statistical data, as many as 50% of the callers hang up the phone if they don’t get a live person on a business helpline number. An auto-attendant has all the capabilities of solving this issue by working as a virtual receptionist.

This automated phone system presents the callers with a number of options to choose from for various departments within a business. This makes it very easy for the callers to reach a live person in no time. This seriously reduces the number of people who hang up by a good amount.

Here is an example of an automated phone system to help you understand it better:

If your auto attendant message is as follows: “Press 1 for customer service, press 2 for technical support, press 3 for purchasing, press 4 for accounting, otherwise press 0 for our receptionist.”

Whenever a caller will call you, he’ll hear this after the ring and will make his choice based on what he wants. Then, the auto-attendant will transfer the call forward to the designated live-caller of the department chosen by the caller. That’s how simple it gets for a caller to engage with your business.


Benefits of using an Auto Attendant Phone System?


There are a number of ways in which an auto attendant phone system benefits your business and improves customer service. Here are a few major benefits of using an auto attendant.


It is More Professional

Whether you approve of it or not, appearance matters in business. When a caller calls a business for the first time, the auto-attendant makes sure that he gets a hint of professionalism. It helps you start off the first interaction with a customer the perfect way.


Provides a Consistent Experience for Callers

An auto-attendant answers the call with the same voice and tone every time without leaving a single call unattended. It is very important to keep your customers happy and satisfied in business and the auto-attendant does just that.


Saves Time

Since it categories the different departments of your business, it helps the callers to quickly get what they are looking for saving the valuable time of both your business and the caller.


Saves Money

With auto-attendant, you don’t need to worry about hiring an extra receptionist just for answering the callers. Auto-attendant itself acts as a virtual receptionist for your company. Also, it increases the productivity and efficiency of your business which ultimately helps you to grow at a faster pace.


You Can Create a Custom Message For Your Callers

Auto-attendant allows you to create a custom greeting, menu options, and other content. You can change it whenever you want based on the situation.


How to get an Auto Attendant Phone System for your business?


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is the easiest way to set up an auto-attendant for your business. An Auto Attendant Phone System operates your virtual phone number via the Internet making it easy to use.

A PBX auto attendant may require some help from the service provider to set up as it is a little complex process when compared to VoIP. You’ll need to set up a PBX auto-attendant in case you already use a PBX phone system or traditional PBX.

Once you’re done choosing between VoIP and PBX, the last thing is to select a plan to get started with your auto-attendant. There are many companies in the market that offer enterprise-level features for small businesses as well at affordable prices. So you better do your research to save the most out of it.


Ways to increase the efficiency of the Auto Attendant Phone System


If you’re looking for changing the game for your business to increase productivity and efficiency using the Auto Attendant Phone System, here are a few ways to do it:


Keep the Message Short and Concise

A very long message can easily frustrate your customers. If you don’t want your first ever interaction with a customer to go bad, keep your automated message short and concise. A brief greeting followed by three to five options to choose from is always good.


Regularly Update Your Call Directory

If you add a new department to your business, make sure to add it to your call directory as soon as possible. Regularly updating your call directory ensures that your customers keep on receiving a smooth calling experience from your side.


Change the Message When Required

It’s the easiest of tasks to change the automated message. Therefore, don’t forget to change it when needed to convey important information. Also, callers get irritated by hearing the same message every time, so it will be a good chance for them too.


Include Specific Information About Your Company Customers May Need to Know

You can consider putting on information like upcoming off days, weekend hours, street addresses, and after-hours local phone number on your call directory or greeting. It is very helpful in creating a connection between your business and the caller.



An Auto Attendant Phone System is just what you need if your customers keep on rejecting your calls. With its various benefits, your business is definitely going to show positive results as soon as you set it up.



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