Build a Powerful Ecommerce Platform with Shopify

Shopify provides some of the most effective and versatile solutions for businesses of any size, to sell whatever you’re selling, in any venue. They make it so easy to create an ecommerce site that you may want to start one for your business, even if you just have a brick-and-mortar store.

There are literally too many features and capabilities to name in this brief article, so we’ll cover the majority of features and at least give you a good idea of what Shopify has to offer.

A Platform to Fit Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you have a startup that’s just beginning to grow, or a vast enterprise, Shopify can provide you with the tools you need to sell your product effectively on any platform—and do it with style. There are a variety of solutions you can utilize to sell your product in-store, online, and even through social media sites.

Shopify POS Software & Hardware

Shopify POS is powered by multi-functional software that makes it possible to integrate all of your channels into one central ecommerce platform. All of your orders and payments are centralized into the same system, so that purchases and other activity from your computer, iPhone, or in-store iPad are updated in real time and reflected instantly in your inventory. Refund an item, look up transaction history, fulfill orders, or print receipts—anytime, anywhere.

Manage staff accounts using a secure PIN for each employee, allowing for easy switching between employees. Orders and register activity are recorded under the name and account of the staff member who last logged in, to keep everything well-organized.

Multiple Ways to Accept Payments

Shopify gives you more than 70 external payment gateways, but that’s just the beginning. Your business can accept payments from virtually anywhere—in-store, online, direct from social media sites, or even from the flea market if you want. Place pay buttons wherever you need them on your site, such as Apple Pay or the Shopify buy button, so your customers can purchase an item simply and quickly.

Many of your customers will be finding your business on social media outlets such as Pinterest or Facebook, and in the past, it has been difficult to convert hits on social media into paying customers. This is why Shopify gives your shoppers the option to buy products directly from Pinterest or Facebook, without even visiting your website.

Build Your Own Custom Ecommerce Site

Although Shopify merges perfectly with your WordPress website, their web hosting services actually rival that of WordPress. You can quickly and easily create a new ecommerce site using the website editor and ready-to-use themes to design your own online store. Embed products and collections into your site, add custom colors and logos to personalize it and match it to the style of your business, and you don’t have to be a coder to do it.

Manage Everything from Your Control Center

No matter where you are, your business is always at your fingertips, giving you the ability to manage orders, accept payments, and fulfill orders with a single click, right from your smartphone. From the control center in the palm of your hand, you can also look at a variety of analytics, including an actionable dashboard of your sales, orders, and traffic. Not only that, but you can view detailed customer profiles to gain insight into their shopping habits, as well as their contact information and order history.

Get the Support You Need at Any Time

If you ever have an issue that requires special attention, Shopify support can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to get the help you need. Try Shopify for free today!


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StephanieBuild a Powerful Ecommerce Platform with Shopify