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If you’re reached the stage of your business planning when you’re creating a logo, then you’ve reached the fun part. It does take some work and special attention, though, so it helps a great deal to use a competent service that can get you through the design process and come out with a beautiful finished product.

Logoworks is one of the best services you can possibly use to design the perfect logo for your business. Here’s what you’re going to get if you decide to let Logoworks help you through the design process.

Logos and Beyond

Logos and Beyond


Logoworks excels at designing logos for businesses, but their services also extend beyond logo design. This post will concentrate on logo design because you can definitely use them for that purpose only, but you might want to employ Logoworks for their other services, as well.

They specialize in pretty much all kinds of designs that you might need for your business, such as web design, business cards, infographics, brochures, social media pages, labeling, T-shirts, and more. You can check out their website for details on those additional categories, but in this post, we’re going to take a look at logo design, specifically.

Designing Your Primary Business Logo

Designing Your Primary Business Logo


There are just a few simple steps to get the logo for your business that matches exactly what you have in mind. The first thing you’ll do is send any parameters and ideas you have to your project manager, after which you’ll communicate with that person to tell them exactly what you’re looking for in a logo.

Depending on the plan you choose with the service, you’ll either get back one design from their team, or multiple “design concepts” to choose from. The higher the plan you select with Logoworks, the more examples you’ll get back from your design team.

Don’t worry about getting an incomplete or unacceptable logo, either, because their policy is that your satisfaction is always guaranteed. No matter what plan you choose, even the Basic plan, they will continue to work with you until the finished product they give you matches what you want.

What Do You Get with Logoworks?

What Do You Get with Logoworks?


As you move into a higher plan, there are a few perks that come with that; however, the most important features that any business needs for their logo come guaranteed, standard, no matter what you’re paying them. First of all, you hold the full rights to your design upon payment for services, so you never have to worry about someone else holding the rights for something that your business is currently using.

Next, the fonts, color codes, and vector artwork used in your logo. You can always decide precisely what colors and fonts you want to be used in the design, and that isn’t limited by the level of your plan. And probably one of the best standard policies of Logoworks is that you will have a dedicated project manager to walk you through the entire process and make sure you’re happy with the designs that are coming out.

So, the work you’re getting isn’t being produced by some algorithm or piece of software barely managed by personnel; you’ll have a real person there helping you through the process until they reach the perfect logo design for your business.

Included Revisions, and What That Means

Included Revisions, and What That Means


During the design process, you’ll of course be able to communicate with your project manager and make sure everything is coming out properly and accurate with your vision for the logo, but if you come to the finished product and decide that it’s still not correct, then you can also revise it.

There are “2 rounds of revisions” included with their Basic and Silver plans, and if you’re signed on to a Gold or Platinum plan (more on this below), then unlimited revisions are included for you. It can be a tough, laborious process to get the precise design that you’re looking for in your business logo, which is why Logoworks makes provisions for this to be sure you get what you need. The satisfaction guarantee includes quite a bit, and this especially applies to any revisions that you’ll need.

Initially, your project manager will send you multiple design concepts to look at. Then, based on your feedback, they will tweak the logo design as needed for any changes you see fit. Your designs can basically be revised until you’re happy with the result, so there’s no risk that you’ll end up with something that you don’t want because if you reject it, they’ll just try again.

How Do You Get Started with Logoworks?

How Do You Get Started with Logoworks?


As we mentioned before, Logoworks offers a few different design services, but if you’re specifically only using their service for logo design, then it works like this. The request you give them with all the necessary information is what they call your “creative brief”, in which you provide them with everything they need to know so that they can process your request, kind of like intake forms when you visit a doctor.

The creative brief will first include background information about you and your business. You can also add a slogan or tagline that you want to include in your design, in addition to any specific colors you want to use. They actually provide you with a really useful list of colors that tells you exactly what type of themes or ideas that each color represents, such as, “red = passion, anger, love, confidence; orange = youthfulness, cheer, warmth, hunger”.

When you’re not sure what colors or color scheme might be appropriate for your business logo, that list can be extremely helpful. Then, you’ll choose a basic layout for your logo, if you want to. Finally, let the team know what things, if any, that you would like to include or exclude from your design, which can also save a lot of time in the design process.

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing


Keep in mind that Logoworks has separate pricing available for their different design services, but this price list specifically applies to their logo design services.

  • Basic: $199
  • 2 logo design concepts; 1 designer; 2 rounds of revisions


  • Silver: $299
  • 4 logo design concepts; 2 designers; 2 rounds of revisions


  • Gold: $399
  • 6 logo design concepts; 3 designers; unlimited revisions


  • Platinum: $599
  • 10 logo design concepts; 5 designers; unlimited revisions


    The beauty of Logoworks’ service is that, again, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your project manager will continue to work with you on your logo until you’re completely happy with the product.

    You tell their design team just what you’re looking for, give them feedback along the way as they show you the progress, and in a very short time, you’ll have an excellent business logo that you will own and use for years to come.



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