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Text MessagingWhat is Business Text Messaging?

Business text messaging allows you to send and receive SMS & MMS messages with your business phone numbers. Traditionally text messaging has been restricted to a single phone number and the device that phone number is assigned to. For example, if you have a cell phone, you can only send and receive text messages from your cell phone number and only on that particular device.

Talkroute’s business text messaging allows you and your team to receive and respond to messages sent to your business phone numbers. This can be done by accessing our mobile app, online dashboard or text-to -email notifications. Now you can compose and respond to incoming messages and the sender will see your business number display on their end!

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Benefits of Business Text Messaging

Send SMS & MMS MessagesSend SMS & MMS Messages

Now you can send text messages from your business number. Text messaging is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and increase overall efficiency.

Reply to Customer MessagesReply to Customer Messages

Are your customers texting your business number? With Talkroute, not only will you know when a customer sends your business a text message but you will be able to quickly reply with a message of your own.

Team Texting PermissionsTexting Access Permissions

You control which team members have the ability to view and send messaging for each of your business numbers.

Text-to-EmailText-to-Email Notifications

When you receive a new text message, you will receive an instant email notification. Text-to-email notifications offer the ability to quickly reply to incoming messages right from your email.

Mobile AppsMobile Apps

Send & receive text messages directly from our iOS & Android mobile apps.

Business Text Messaging Benefits

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Business Text Messaging FAQ

Yes. Talkroute supports text messaging for both local and toll free phone numbers in the US & Canada. We do not currently support text messaging to international phone numbers.

Text messaging with Talkroute is accessible with our mobile apps, online dashboard and by email. If enabled, you will receive both a push notification and a text-to-email notification when receiving a new business text message.

Only if you give them permission! You may choose which users can access text messaging and for which of your phone numbers.

Yes. At we support MMS for all toll free, vanity, 800 and local phone numbers.

Our Basic plan includes 500 messages per month. The Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans all include unlimited text messaging. You can see a complete breakdown of our plans and pricing here.

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