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Take your business calls anywhere: home, office & on the road.

Call forwarding & routing

Call ForwardingWhat is Call Forwarding & Routing?

Call Forwarding: Provides the ability to redirect incoming calls from one phone number to another telephone number. Traditionally most call forwarding services will only allow you to redirect calls to one other phone number.

Talkroute’s business call forwarding offers a number of advanced routing features. Not only can you redirect calls from your Talkroute phone number to another number (mobile, landline, VoIP, etc) but you also get the ability to send calls to multiple phones.

Call Routing: Gives you the flexibility to route incoming calls directly to your PC’s with our desktop app by specifying which user(s) should receive calls.

Both call forwarding & routing provide the ability to ring phones & PC’s in a specific order or at the same time. You can even specify certain dates & times to ring your devices. This flexibility means you can answer your business calls wherever & whenever you want!

What you can do with Call Forwarding & Routing

  • Call Forwarding

    Take your business calls anywhere: home, office & on the road

    Forward calls to any phone that has a +1 country code (e.g. U.S. or Canada) & has active service.

    This includes; mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, soft-phones, & satellite phones.

    Call forwarding lets you route phone calls to wherever your business takes you.

    Call Forwarding
  • Route Calls Anywhere

    Send calls to your desktop users

    Route calls to all of your desktop computers & laptops with our desktop app available for MacOS, Windows, & Linux.

    “Ring” specific PC’s by specifying which of your users should receive the call. You can even add an availability schedule for each of your desktop users.

    Call routing gives you the flexibility to route calls to any PC, anywhere in the world.

    Route Calls Anywhere
  • Ring Your Phones & PC’s

    Customizable ring strategies for your phone system

    Forward & route callers to as many devices as needed. Choose to ring your phones & PC’s in a specific sequence or at the same time.

    Set specific ring times for each of your devices & establish maximum hold times that keep your callers stacked on hold.

    You can even select custom hold music or a message for your callers to listen to while they wait.

    Ring Your Phones & PCs
  • Scheduled Forwarding & Routing

    Choose when to ring your phones & PC’s

    Pick the dates & times when you want to receive calls to your phones & PC’s.

    You can even create custom schedules & apply them to different devices.

    Now your phones & PC’s will only ring when you want them to.

    Scheduled Forwarding & Routing
  • Forwarding & Routing Paths

    Add customizable call paths for all of your devices

    Talkroute gives you the ability to create custom forwarding & routing paths for each of your virtual phone numbers, menu options & extensions.

    Whether you’re forwarding to a single cell phone or routing calls to multiple PC’s, you can customize different call flows for each area of your virtual phone system.

    Forwarding & Routing Paths

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Call Forwarding & Routing FAQ

There is no limit to how many forwarding phones & desktop users that you can add to your Talkroute account. You can choose to forward & route calls in a specific order or ring all of your phones & PC’s at the same time.

Yes. Our scheduled call forwarding & routing feature allows you to create custom schedules for each of your forwarding phones & PC’s.

Our call stacking feature allows you to receive multiple incoming calls at once, even when forwarding or routing to single device. This feature ensures your callers never receive a busy signal when calling your Talkroute phone numbers.

Call Stacking is a unique technology only found in Talkroute. Other competing services (e.g. Google Voice, Grasshopper) will forward a call to a device (cellular, home, or office) but once the allotted number of “rings” has been reached, the call is disconnected.

Talkroute allows users to have multiple callers on hold at any given time. These callers are forwarded & routed to your device(s) in the order the calls were received by your phone system. While your callers are on hold, they may listen to hold music or a custom message that you recorded or uploaded. If your callers are being forwarded or routed to multiple devices, the devices that are not currently in use will begin to receive the next caller in line.

You may further specify the maximum hold duration, time between connection attempts, and call destination if the hold duration is exceeded.

By default, Talkroute displays the number of the person that is dialing your Talkroute number on the incoming Caller ID. However, you can change the incoming Caller ID to always display your Talkroute Phone Number for all calls that come from Talkroute. This way you will know if the caller is dialing your phone directly or being connected by Talkroute. Our desktop app has the ability to display both the incoming phone number and the Talkroute number the caller dialed.

Yes, you can route calls to any phone that has a +1 country code (e.g. U.S. or Canada) and has active service. This includes but is not limited to; mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, softphones, satellite phones, etc.

No. You can forward calls to any combination of phones and service providers. For example; you may wish to route calls to your AT&T iPhone and a Comcast landline at the same time. With Talkroute, combinations like this are no problem.

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