Call Recording

Monitor, analyze, & store all of your business communications.

Call Recording

Call Recording?What is Call Recording?

Call recording gives you the ability to automatically record your incoming & outgoing business calls. This functionality is extremely important to businesses that wish to monitor their agents to ensure the quality of the service they are providing, train new or existing staff, assist with dispute resolution efforts, & much more.

Talkroute’s call recording provides you with unlimited recording & storage of all of your calls. You may also enable or disable call recording for any of your Talkroute phone numbers & specify which users may have access to these recordings.

Best of all, you can easily access these call records from any mobile or web browser. Now you can easily keep audio records for all of your business calls for as long as you need!

What you can do with Call Recording

  • Record Incoming & Outgoing Calls

    Monitor & review your voice communications

    Most business owners don’t consider the importance of recording their voice communications until it’s too late.

    Now you can record all of your incoming & outgoing business calls. Call recording is a great way to make sure all of your voice communications are being handled properly.

    Record Incoming & Outgoing Calls
  • Monitor & Train Staff

    Know what your team members are saying

    Have you ever wondered what your team members are telling your clients?

    By reviewing your team’s calls, you can provide valuable feedback & help reduce common mistakes.

    Monitor & Train Staff
  • Unlimited Storage

    Access all of your recordings forever

    Whether you wish to access a recording from today or several years ago, we provide you with unlimited storage. This way you can review your recordings whenever they’re needed.

    Unlimited Storage
  • Dispute Resolution

    Be prepared to prove your case

    It’s an unfortunate reality that every business will likely face a payment dispute or legal action at one point or another.

    Having records of your voice communication can be vital for proving your case.

    Dispute Resolution
  • User Permissions

    Grant access to your team members

    Give permissions to your team members that allow them to access only the recordings for the business phone numbers you want them to see.

    Call recording permissions for each phone number include the ability to completely disable access, allow view only, & provide full access to review, manage & delete records.

    Call Recording Permissions

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Call Recording FAQ

It’s easy. Login to your Talkroute account and access your call history. Then simply press ‘play’ next to which ever call you would like to listen to. You can also filter your call records by date, time, extension, virtual number, voice mailbox and more to find the exact recording you need.

It’s unlimited. Whether you have a few calls per day or 100’s, we store all of your recordings at no additional charge.

Only if you give them permission! You may choose which users can access recordings and for which of your phone numbers.

Yes. Call recording is legal in all 50 states as long as you follow each state’s laws. While some states don’t require that both parties give consent that the conversation may be recorded, we recommend that you always follow the two party consent rule in order to make sure you are compliant with every state’s laws.

Talkroute makes this extremely easy by providing you with a default message that will play (“this call may be recorded…”) prior to the call being connected when call recording is enabled.

Yes. You may upload or record your own message that informs the caller the call is being recorded. You may also disable this message all together for recorded calls but it is strongly not recommended as you may be in danger of violating state law.

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