Clever Ways To Get New Customers

Clever Ways To Get New Customers For Your Small Business

  Attracting new customers to a small business is always a challenging task. If you don’t plan a proper strategy, there’s a high possibility that it will eat up a lot of your capital. When you start a new business, you might be tight on funds because office space, taxes & production require a lot of investment. During this time, throwing large sums of money at advertising might not really be an option. Spending on conventional marketing like TV commercials & newspaper ads can cost you a considerable sum. Even low-cost awareness campaigns can gobble up around $15,000 to $75,000 of your annual budget. That’s a significant total for a small business. So, what should you do to attract customers to your new business? You can’t totally give up on advertising & marketing, but yes, you can find cost-effective marketing solutions! And guess what? These marketing strategies can yield better …

StephanieClever Ways To Get New Customers For Your Small Business
Prepare Business Possible Recession

How to Prepare Your Business for a Possible Recession

Small business owners face an uncertain future right now. Media outlets, political leaders, and economists have talked about a possible (likely) “recession” and even the potential for a “depression.” We may have no control over global economic policy, but we can do a lot to help to keep a recession from happening in our own homes and workplaces. That’s why we prepared this brief guide to help you cut through the language of fear and focus on what you can do to help your business grow during a possible recession. What Is a Recession? Technically, a recession occurs when the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation contracts for two consecutive quarters. The last time a recession hit the U.S. was in December 2007. That recession ended in June 2009. Normally, the U.S. economy experiences a recession every four years. However, between 2009 and 2020, there has been no recession …

StephanieHow to Prepare Your Business for a Possible Recession
marketing 101

Marketing 101: The Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners

Effective marketing introduces your products and services to the people who might want to buy them. For B2C (business to consumer) companies, that means connecting with individual consumers, and for B2B enterprises, it means cultivating relationships with other businesses. In this comprehensive guide to marketing, we’ll look at the fundamentals of marketing, including what it is, what it isn’t, its major components, and some of today’s most efficient and productive marketing strategies.     What Marketing Is … And Isn’t   Ask 10 small business owners to define marketing, and you’ll get 12 different answers. For some entrepreneurs, marketing is a slippery, squishy concept that means … whatever they want it to mean. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t help you sell more products or secure more clients. Real marketing has firm boundaries, and it interacts in defined ways with the other components of your business. What Is Marketing?   The American …

StephanieMarketing 101: The Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners