Should Blog Writing Be Different from Other Forms of Writing?

  In the field of blog writing for business, there are some bad habits and misconceptions when it comes to the way that you approach the actual writing style and process. Some creators are very conscious of this and write content that is well-structure with professional technique. On the other hand, the vast majority of creators seem to barely consider it professional writing, rushing through articles with no regard for coherence or structure whatsoever. No matter how you approach the writing, pretty much anything goes as long as it is interesting and your readers approve of it, but that’s usually the problem. Because most of the blog content on the Web today is so hastily-written without any form or strategy to speak of, it tends to turn out vague, uninteresting, and unfocused. What we’re going to look at here is how to avoid exactly that and help you decide what …

StephanieShould Blog Writing Be Different from Other Forms of Writing?
Creating Responsible Content

Creating Responsible Content: Why Should You Care?

Responsibility in writing content is not something that many people are talking about these days, especially for content that you write for a business blog. The thing is that if you have a blog on your website where you are posting articles, then this is something you should be interested in because the rules for writing published work apply to online content just as much as they do for any other form of written work or published media of any kind. This actually benefits your business, which is what we’re going to get into here. It’s Easier than Ever to Be Careless The massive wealth of information that is now available on the Web doesn’t come without its consequences. This is the issue: Anyone can write something and post it on the Internet, and then people will blindly rely on that information as fact that they will assimilate into their …

StephanieCreating Responsible Content: Why Should You Care?

Why You Need to Know What Your Domain Authority Is

  Domain Authority (DA) is one little number with big implications for your site. One of the most interesting things about the DA rating system is that is wasn’t created by some central governing body, and it wasn’t created by Google. It was actually developed by the SEO research organization, Moz, in an effort to give any online marketer a better idea of how likely their site is to rank highly in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), so that they can then organize their SEO strategy accordingly. This is one of the reasons that it’s extremely beneficial for you to know your site’s DA rating. Let’s go into a little more detail about how it works, and how you can take the most advantage of the information.   What is Domain Authority, Exactly?   First, let’s look at the literal definition. As defined by Moz on their website, domain authority …

StephanieWhy You Need to Know What Your Domain Authority Is
Blog Actionable Content

Actionable Content: Why It’s the Key to Your Blog’s Success

What is actionable content? If you’ve never heard the term before, then now is the time that you acquaint yourself with it, as a content writer or marketer (as well as a business owner), because there are few things in content creation more integral than this. In a very short definition, actionable content is content that people can read and then use that information for something in the real world. This is the kind of content that performs the best for your blog, and when you create actionable content, it will immediately separate you from the considerable number of blogs out there who are not doing this. Giving People Real Value The bottom line and foundational idea behind actionable content is that whatever you’re posting in your business blog needs to provide real value for the reader. It’s actually not always easy to do, but as best as you can, …

StephanieActionable Content: Why It’s the Key to Your Blog’s Success

Basics of SEO and Finding the Best Keywords

SEO is something that most business owners think they understand but probably don’t really have a firm grasp on it. It is definitely an area of online marketing that is foundational. The of this article is to instill a working understanding of SEO while concentrating specifically on how to use the correct keywords that will guide web visitors to your content who are likely to convert to your customers. SEO is Key to Building Your Blog A rough definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of Internet search protocol that you can exploit to make your online (blog) content more visible to web searchers. This is the primary machine that drives people to your blog content, in turn bringing more people to your business’ website. You can go back to the following additional post to learn more about how this relates to your business blog: So, to …

StephanieBasics of SEO and Finding the Best Keywords

The Secret to Writing Great Blog Headlines

  It’s tough to say what is the most important element of a blog article, but your headline is certainly a top contender. You could be Ernest Hemingway, but if no one wants to click on your headline, they’re never going to read it, anyway. There is a kind of science to writing effective headlines. A good one will describe, in very short length, what the content is going to be about, while being interesting and clickable at the same time. This is harder than it looks, which is why we’re offering this post to give you some good ideas on how to build your headlines so that they will perform well.   Spend More Time On Your Headlines   Like the title of a book, the headline is what first hooks someone and draws them in. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out why your articles aren’t …

StephanieThe Secret to Writing Great Blog Headlines