Home Business Websites: Your Virtual Storefront

  You most likely already have a website for your business, and if you don’t, you probably realize that it’s pretty important. If you’re running a home business, then it’s something that you really can’t do without because it’s going to end up being your primary interface with customers. Don’t underestimate just how much value a good website can bring to your company.   Every Business Needs a Website   There is sometimes a misconception among small businesses that if they’re not selling any products online, there’s no reason to have a website. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you sell online or not. First of all, your business probably should sell your product or service online, as it removes a step between someone finding your company, and making a purchase. The point of having a site, though, is not whether or not you’re actually selling it there; it’s …

StephanieHome Business Websites: Your Virtual Storefront
Incorporate Home Business

When Should You Incorporate Your Home Business?

  The first thing that every home business should understand is that incorporating is not something you need to be afraid of. Incorporation is widely misunderstood as exclusive of average small businesses, when it is actually far more routine and advantageous for small businesses than most of them realize. So, set aside your fears for a moment and take the paradigm leap into the transition between solo entrepreneurship and incorporation. As it may seem overwhelming, once you break it down, it’s not that scary at all.. These factors will help you along in the journey you’re taking from a fresh, new small business, into a mature and solid corporation.   Why Is It Good to Incorporate Your Home Business?   It’s a good idea to incorporate your home business for the same reasons that it’s a good idea for any other business. There is a reason that it’s a standard …

StephanieWhen Should You Incorporate Your Home Business?
starting home business

10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Home Business

  More people than ever before are opening small businesses out of their homes, as the pandemic has truly changed the way we work & live. Technology continues to improve as well which makes it possible to buy and sell nearly anything over the internet. As home businesses become more widespread, more and more entrepreneurs are inclined to do this, but there are some misconceptions about working out of your home, not the least of which is that it will be somehow different or easier than working in a regular office. Though it’s obviously a different environment, it doesn’t actually change that much, and in fact, there are unique challenges to overcome when you start a home business. If you’re just getting started as a home business owner, prepare yourself with these ten points to have a better idea of what you’re getting into.   1. It’s Not Easier Just …

Stephanie10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Home Business
Hiring Remote Employees

7 Tips for Hiring & Managing Remote Employees

  More and more small businesses have been deciding to use remote employees for a few different reasons, not the least of which is to save money that would otherwise be spent on an office space. Then Covid-19 comes along & inadvertently forces us all to truly reevaluate our current working environments. While some people are already very familiar with working this way, many are not. So in this article we’ll dive in & address some of the issues a business owner will run into when hiring and managing remote employees. Working remotely immediately sounds like a great idea, and it is, but there are some things that you will encounter that you probably won’t expect. That’s precisely why it’s good to know certain key things before you delve into this pervasive & fairly new working sphere. These 7 points will help you a great deal as you move into …

Stephanie7 Tips for Hiring & Managing Remote Employees

Working from Home? Learn How to Separate Your Work & Home Life

Running a business out of your home can be a great experience and a tremendous advantage, but there are also some drawbacks and pitfalls that most entrepreneurs don’t foresee when they embark on their home business venture. Most of these drawbacks involve adjusting to the working environment. Whether you started a home based business or you temporarily have to work from home, there are many things you can do to set yourself up for remote success! Ultimately, the biggest mistake you can make is to jump right into it without taking much thought for how you will manage it and what your days are going to look like. You will definitely need to separate your work from your personal life, even though those two things will be happening in the same place. This is how to do it: Understand the Psychological Effects of Working from Home For those who have …

StephanieWorking from Home? Learn How to Separate Your Work & Home Life
Online Marketing Home Business

Why Mastering Online Marketing is Critical for Home Businesses

  There are a few things that are essential when you run your business out of your home–a good ISP and lots of bandwidth, a dedicated phone line, a good space to work out of, and the usual office trappings. A home business is unique in many ways, though, and one thing that you should get very good at is online marketing. You can promote your product extremely effectively online, and that doesn’t just mean taking out Facebook ads and then sitting back to wait for the revenue to roll in. There are a variety of ways to market and advertise your home business online and gain multiple advantages while you’re at it.   It’s Great for Marketing on a Budget   Even more than other new businesses, your home business probably doesn’t have a lot of running capital to work with, or startup capital to spare as you make …

StephanieWhy Mastering Online Marketing is Critical for Home Businesses