Warning Signs of Burnout

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Burnout

Burnout. This condition affects so many business owners that it almost goes without saying that you’ll experience it or be in danger of experiencing it when you run a business. Unfortunately, burnout is misunderstood by most people, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, and it’s usually not taken very seriously. In this article, we’ll provide you with the real facts about burnout, as we dispel the myths that can be just as harmful as the condition, itself. At the same time, Respect for it is paramount because if you’re not careful, it’s something that has the potential to put you right out of commission before you even know what hit you. Today, we’re starting with some good advice for recognizing the symptoms of burnout, so that you’ll be able to address it before it starts to overwhelm you. Not to worry; there are effective measures that you can take if you already feel …

StephanieRecognizing the Warning Signs of Burnout

Taking Mental Health Days and How to Manage Them

  There are days when your mind is so cluttered and overwhelmed that you wake up for the day’s work, and you’re not sure if you can even handle it. That is one of those times when you need to take a day for yourself to restore and preserve your own mental health. This isn’t a gimmick, and it’s not something that people make up to get out of work—it’s a genuine issue with which all of us need to be concerned. To look at this properly and deal with it appropriately, you have to, first, gain a better understanding of where it comes from. Then, you’ll be able to decide for yourself when you need a mental health day, and how is the best way to manage them as it applies to your own professional and personal life.   Mental Health vs. Mental Illness   The first thing we’ll …

StephanieTaking Mental Health Days and How to Manage Them
Setting Reasonable Deadlines

Why Setting Reasonable Deadlines is Essential

  You will encounter many times when you feel that you have to complete projects or tasks of any kind sooner that it seems you can capably do it, which is why it’s so necessary to put a check on yourself and make sure that you don’t promise an unreasonable deadline for those things, to yourself or anyone else. It’s a bad idea to set unrealistic deadlines for a few reasons, but as the spirit of this blog series denotes, burning yourself out is one of the key pitfalls you can run into when you use this practice, either consciously or unconsciously. There are also other consequences to consider if you don’t give yourself enough time to finish projects for your business. We’ll get into those, too.   We Tend to Bite Off More than We Can Chew   The whole reason that we’re writing this post is to address …

StephanieWhy Setting Reasonable Deadlines is Essential

How Creating To-Do Lists Will Change Your Life

To-do lists are generally underrated for a variety of reasons, and that’s why we’re giving you this article to go over some of the ways they can be useful to you as a professional, as well as a business owner. It’s not likely that anyone within the sound of my voice has never used a to-do list at some point. Meanwhile, many professionals don’t regularly use them, depriving themselves of a simple tool that can help them to be much more productive and keep everything in order. Here’s why you need to start using lists. It Helps You to Effectively Prioritize Tasks When running a business, your day can quickly get away from you if you don’t have it mapped out. With so many things that need attention, high volumes of customers, various requests throughout the day, and internal problems, you really have to be an uncommonly organized type of …

StephanieHow Creating To-Do Lists Will Change Your Life

Avoiding Burnout: Our Top Tips

We are taking an opportunity here to provide you with a special article for this series to offer up some tips that you can use to avoid and combat burnout as a business owner because burnout can be more harmful to you than you might realize, and detrimental to your work. Most business owners and inexperienced professionals in general have a habit of discounting or underestimating burnout as a real threat, which makes them even more likely to become victim to it. Don’t become a victim. Keep these tips in mind as you grow your business, to keep your stress level low and your productivity high. Do Your Best to Stick to a Set Schedule The very first thing you can do to avoid becoming burned out is to decide what is a reasonable set of working hours that you can adhere to every day. Obviously, there will be issues …

StephanieAvoiding Burnout: Our Top Tips

Why Entrepreneurs Are More Susceptible to Burnout

Burnout affects hard-working people in all walks of life, especially today—and especially in this country. Americans, in general, work themselves too hard in the pursuit of whatever their ultimate goal is. It might be a big promotion, a raise, or creating a highly successful business as an entrepreneur, but whatever the reason is, we tend to lead unhealthy lifestyles in our individual journeys to that brass ring. This article focuses on entrepreneurs in particular because they are a certain breed of professional who is among the most at-risk for burnout, due to their personalities and line of work. To explain why entrepreneurs are more susceptible to burning out from work, let’s look into the causes of it. Entrepreneurs Put More Pressure on Themselves Firstly, entrepreneurs typically have a certain personal makeup that is different than the average professional. They tend to be more driven, more headstrong, and more determined to …

StephanieWhy Entrepreneurs Are More Susceptible to Burnout