Future Capital: Set Money Aside To Build Wealth


What you’ll see in this post is not groundbreaking by any means. It’s simple, it’s elementary, but it may be one of the most important practices that you employ for your business. It may even save your business one day. Save money consistently.

It’s been drilled into our brains since we were kids, and yet most of us still don’t do it because there’s always some other place where we feel it will be more useful, right now. There is a reason that we were always told to save, and that’s because it simply works.


Don’t Lose Sight of the Horizon

When we think of capital, it’s not something that we consider very much in the long term. There’s startup capital, working capital—but what about future capital? More than anything, for a small business, you have to always keep the long game on your radar.


Learning Discipline with Savings

The strength of this strategy is in the consistency and discipline with which you approach it. Do you have a personal emergency fund? (Most of us don’t, even though we KNOW we need to have one.)

The way you approach the emergency fund is exactly the same way that you should save money for your business, and even though it’s not necessarily for the same purpose, it should be based on the same principle.

For it to be worthwhile and effective, you cannot touch the funds for any reason, under any circumstances. Then, it will always just be sitting there, gaining interest and increasing with every deposit you make.


The Safe Money

There aren’t many safe bets for an entrepreneur. When you have a locked savings account for your small business, it’s like a free-floating life raft that brings you just a little security in an occupation that does not always afford very much stability. Think of it as a guaranteed payoff; it’s a risk-free investment that even gains some interest when implemented in the right place.

I realize that this is a very basic idea of which many business owners are keenly aware. So, please understand that this is in no way meant to insult your intelligence, and that is far from my intention with this article.

The moral of the story is simply that you should take another look at how, and how much you are saving for your business because, although it seems that this is something we’re all doing automatically, the truth is that some of us either don’t think that we can do it with limited funds, or that the money is better used for other interests to grow the business. Of course you will need to pursue various investments; the point is to invest in yourself by saving money because it’s a sure thing.




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StephanieFuture Capital: Set Money Aside To Build Wealth