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Grovo & Clockspot Are the Perfect Pair for Human Resources


You need a lot of different tools to run a successful small business. Some will be more important to you than others, and some tools are essential, that you really can’t do without. For one, time tracking for employees is an element without which you can’t effectively manage your team. In addition to this, there is another tool that you can get as a service provided by Grovo, which is workplace learning and job training.

With this service, you can create everything from quick tutorial videos that can show employees how to execute different tasks that are required for their positions, to extensive, thoughtful lessons about ethics and other valuable topics that will help higher-level employees to have greater success in their respective departments of the company. Grovo and Clockspot are providers that give you simple, high-performing tools which cover both of these areas.

Workplace Training & Time Tracking

Workplace Training & Time Tracking


These are 2 essential tools for managing employees and for giving them the best possible preparation, initially and ongoing, for whatever their work is at your company. Compared to competitors, Grovo and Clockspot are probably the best possible providers for these services.

They both make it extremely easily to put solutions in place for workplace learning and time tracking, respectively, as well as to changes to your setup as you grow. Without the use of these tools, you’ll end up spending a ton of time and energy attempting to put systems in place on your own, which may end up being unreliable or ineffective, anyway.

Especially with time and attendance, it’s difficult to come up with a system that is accurate and reliable enough that you can depend on it. There are a lot of different bases to be covered to manage employees and give them everything they need to thrive at your business, but these 2 elements are essential.

A Higher Level of Workplace Learning


A Higher Level of Workplace Learning


Grovo offers training tools that are unexpectedly beyond what normally comes with their type of service. The learning materials and other resources they provide are of a higher caliber than standard job training tools, as they aim to train employees to be better and to expect more of themselves.

It goes beyond simply showing someone how to do a job, but instead asks them to think very critically about how they perform their duties, what is the best way to treat people around them, or whom they may be in charge of, and how to become more adept, conscientious leaders. The lessons they offer and the style of those lessons set a tone that encourages employees to be exceptional, not just performing sufficiently enough to be capable of doing their jobs.

Grovo seems to be geared towards managers and upper-level employees but can also be used for employees at any level. Aside from the benefit you can gain for your team, the learning materials in Grovo’s library can indeed help you to grow as a business owner, too.

Effective On-the-Job Training

Effective On-the-Job Training


Grovo uses microlearning in their training lessons. Microlearning involves what Grovo calls, “targeted lessons”, which boils down to lessons that focus on one thing at a time to give the learner an opportunity to take away the maximum amount of information from lessons, instead of watching a video that goes over a bit of everything at once, minimizing retention.

Furthermore, the microlearning strategy they utilize does not require the employee to take time away from their job to sit down and concentrate on a lesson like they’re in a classroom, but it integrates the lesson into their work, so that it is learned experientially rather than separately.

The third aspect of Grovo’s strategy is mixed media learning. Lessons include all types of media to engross the learner in the material as much as possible, such as with video, audio, and reading.

It’s a modern approach that tends to be more effective for training your employees, taking a refreshing turn away from the same antiquated types of lessons that have been used in the workplace for decades. This ensures that employees understand what they’re learning during their training, while also retaining a lot more of it.

Grovo Creates the Lessons for You

Grovo Creates the Lessons for You


With a lesson library full of more than 2,500 lessons on a large variety of topics, you will probably never need to create one yourself again; however, if you don’t find what you need in their library or need to customize a lesson, you can make your own, as well.

Just to name a few, here are some of the subjects they cover: Leadership, compliance, diversity, communication, technology, and personal growth. The existing lessons they have available and ready to deploy in their library go beyond that, too; those just give you an idea of what you’ll have access to. One of the great advantages this affords you is that you can leave the time-consuming process of creating lessons to them.

Again, you don’t have to start from scratch with a lesson if the one they’ve provided is missing something because you can always take what they’ve got and customize it to suit your needs, or to update it for any reason.

The Easiest Time Clock Available


The Easiest Time Clock Available


The benefit of using Clockspot for your company timeclock (and more) is simple: No more time cards, no more timesheets, and no more confusion about time and attendance. There are a lot of different ways that you can keep track of your employees’ time, attendance, and duties.

You might be using online software, for example, that is not intended to be used as a time clock, which is not usually the best route because it may not even have an actual provision for people to “punch” in and out. That’s obviously really important, and not being able to clearly see when employees are on the job can cause potentially inflammatory problems with individual attendance, as well as with overall team performance.

Using Clockspot enables your employees to clock in and out from anywhere, and from any device that you have approved. No longer do you have to contend with remote employees clocking in from their phone without confirmation, or not being able to track their time at all when working in the field or alternate location.

You can even set up GPS tracking, so that you also know exactly where everyone is. As it all works via the software provided by Clockspot, everything is executed and managed online, for you, as an administrator, and for all your employees.

Easily Track Employees Anytime

Easily Track Employees Anytime


The tracking tools you get with Clockspot are comprehensive. There will never be an occasion, or any location where you will be unable to keep tabs on your employees because it works from anywhere, and it also makes it extremely easy for them to communicate with you and clock in and out. All they have to do is log in and click a button to execute an authenticated punch.

Beyond the simple application of a time clock, it’s also possible for employees to show you exactly what they’re working on. This becomes valuable when your team members are working on multiple projects that have to be done within specific timeframes, in tandem with other team members. With this feature, supervisors and managers can log into the software at any time to make sure everyone is on task, without ever disturbing them and distracting from the projects on which they’re working.

Calculate Time Off and PTO Automatically

Calculate Time Off and PTO Automatically


There’s a lot of opportunity for error when you’re trying to keep track of everyone’s time off and overtime hours without a tool like Clockspot. Especially when you’re a new small business owner who handles just about everything, that’s an area that, while extremely important to stay well on top of, you probably have very little time to manage.

Clockspot eliminates any errors by keeping track of it automatically and saves you a great deal of time, too. The software constantly collects all the data for hours worked by everyone in your company, so all you have to do is bring up the timesheets and reports for employees when you need them, with minimal input required because it organizes all the data for you.

Just input the parameters for each person at your company at the time of setup to make sure they all get the time off that is coming to them. You can of course always make changes whenever you need to.

Keep an Eye on Overtime

Keep an Eye on Overtime


It’s great if you occasionally offer overtime for your employees, but if you don’t watch it carefully, the cost can quickly get away from you. That’s why Clockspot has a fantastic feature that keeps track of overtime for you, so that you can easily see how many hours everyone is getting and see when they are approaching the maximum number of hours you’ve allotted them.

Using this feature, you can take a quick view at the current and upcoming schedules to rearrange them, if needed, so overtime hours don’t exceed what you have budgeted for. As an owner, you will certainly be keeping a close eye on overtime already, but this software just makes it much easier to see everyone’s hours more clearly, as well as the trends that exist in your employee schedule.

Complete Payroll Faster than Ever

Complete Payroll Faster than Ever


Company payroll is obviously a crucial aspect of staff management. It’s also another time-consuming area that can be really monotonous and prone to errors. Using Clockspot’s payroll tools simplify and streamline the process, while eliminating the need for a separate outside service that exclusively does payroll for you.

There’s nothing to it, as Clockspot’s software is already automatically logging everyone’s hours and salaries all the time. All there is to be done on your end is to set up each employee’s pay schedule, and then when the time comes, you can literally produce a payroll report or paystub in seconds. Employees can also view those paystubs anytime they want by simply logging into their account.

Before services like Clockspot came about, you could easily spend an entire day doing payroll yourself, or end up paying a fortune for an outside service to handle it for you. This online software, being almost 100% automated and extremely user-friendly, has made the process so easy that anyone can use it.


To Sum Up


When you consider everything you can do with these two services, you see that they are revolutionary because a short time ago, not only would it take a team of people to execute what you can do with Grovo and Clockspot, but it would cost a great deal of money for those services.

Grovo, alone, provides something that you used to have to hire an entire firm to get for your company. It’s even better than what those firms provided, though, because they way they approach employee learning is far more progressive and truly helps your team to improve themselves.

The features that you get with Clockspot are admittedly simple, but again, it used to take a lot more time and energy to complete. It also involves work that, frankly, nobody wants to do; however, it’s something that you absolutely cannot do away with. And Clockspot gives you a lot more than just a time clock.

Right away, it’s superior to other time and attendance tracking services because you can literally track the location of your employees all the time and make it easier than ever to clock in and out. They go even further than that, too, by offering the accounting features for time off and payroll. In a nutshell, signing up for Grovo and Clockspot can solve a great number of problems for your business, by themselves.



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