How Often Should You Post on Your Business Blog?

This is a question that many marketers and business owners tend to struggle with; meanwhile, the answer may be simpler than you think. Chances are, you have a blog attached to your business’ website where you post some sort of articles on a hopefully regular basis.

Are you posting enough content? How do you know if it’s enough? There are 3 basic schools of thought regarding this question, the summary of which are explained in this post.

Self-Assess: How Often Are You Posting Now?

A lot of small business owners who are unfamiliar with content marketing open a blog because they heard somewhere that it can help their business, and then they don’t think about it too much thereafter, posting an article every now and then.

That won’t do the business any good at all. A business blog is a form of media like any other. If news outlets, podcasts, radio broadcasts, TV channels, or any other medium just aired something every once in a while, when they felt like it, they wouldn’t have an audience.

The same is true for a business blog. If you don’t regularly post at least once per week, consistently, then you might as well not even bother with it.


Figure It Out As You Go

The basic idea of those who support this strategy is to customize your posting schedule by listening to your subscribers. The point here is that those people who are actually reading your blog—more specifically, those of your customers who are reading the blog—are the ones who can tell you when and how often you should post entries.

Then, outside of what feedback they offer you first-hand, it’s extremely useful to constantly watch their engagement and analytics such as open rates and CTR to decide when are the best days to post.

Post Regularly, But Not Too Often

This strategy has a lot of merit due to the solid, logical reasoning behind it. It’s definitely important, no matter how often you post, to make sure you consistently post on the same days each week, even if it’s only once a week.

The key here, however, is to not overwhelm or fatigue your subscribers by sending them too much content. It makes sense because unless the articles you’re sending to your readers are insanely interesting and exciting, they may tire of it eventually.

Post All the Time

The final method and debatably the most sure-fire way to gain traction with your blog is to post as often as possible. Posting an article each and every day, for example, ensures the maximum exposure possible for your brand, which, in turn, increases the opportunity for potential customers to click through to your website and convert to a sale.

You don’t even have to send all of the posts to your subscribers if you’re worried about them getting sick of it because simply publishing more articles for the general public is what gives you more exposure.

How often you post is only the beginning of learning how to manage your business blog. There are quite a few other factors that will affect the success of the content, including keyword research, headlines, subject matter, and understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization), just to name a few.

An effective content campaign can bring in a massive amount of new revenue. If you are interested in learning how to master the skill of content marketing for your business, feel free to subscribe here and get multiple articles every week!


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StephanieHow Often Should You Post on Your Business Blog?