How to Get Employees to Do What You Want Them to Do

While it is paramount to let your employees be independent to get their best work out of them, you can also use conscientious strategy to encourage the results that you need. Take these suggestions under advisement.

There is absolutely no reason to coax your staff into changing their work habits if they are producing great work. The following strategies can be used if you see a need to optimize your team’s use of time.

Offer an Incentive

It doesn’t have to be something as big as stock options; it can be as simple as a bonus for an individual when they hit a certain number of sales. And incentives don’t have to be monetary; in fact, the best incentives aren’t even tangible.

You can suggest to your team members that when they fulfill their responsibilities early and fully, then you can fully rely on them.

Earn Their Respect

Quite honestly, any strategy I could suggest for artificially compelling people to do what you want them to do pales in comparison to earning the true respect of your team. Once your team trusts you and knows that you always have their best interests in mind, they will usually do pretty much whatever you need from them.

How do you earn the respect of your team? For starters, you cannot place unreasonable expectations on them and then reprimand them when they don’t meet those expectations, or deadlines, etc. The key to having a team of people who want to follow you is to show them that you have their back.

Planned Trajectory

You will have a very hard time motivating your employees if they have no idea when or if they can be promoted, or at least advance within the company in some way, even if it does not include a pay increase.

Giving employees a clear plan for trajectory within the company is so important to keep up morale. When someone knows that they can level up if they do great work, then it gives them a sense of purpose, which naturally motivates a person to do well and subscribe to whatever the business needs from them.

A planned trajectory will give your employees something to shoot for and most importantly, they will feel as if they have a part to play instead of being just a number


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