Make Business Known for What You Sell

How to Make Your Business Known for What You Sell


One of the greatest ways to make sure customers come to you when they need a certain product is to project the impression that you are the go-to provider or purveyor of whatever that thing is. This post discusses the reasoning for this strategy and how to do it.


You might not be the authority, yet.

This strategy basically uses hype to persuade customers to come to you for a given product, and you don’t necessarily have to be known for whatever it is you’re selling.

The idea is to “act as if” your business is known for something so that people will naturally be more drawn to you when they need that product or service.


What does it look like in practice?

The point is not to be deceptive but to create a buzz for this item or service which you are indeed already producing. It goes along with the “crowd draws a crowd” approach, in that if you suggest you have a reputation for producing something, then others will choose your business for this over your competitors.

For example, you can make advertisements describing your product as, “the greatest office supplies anywhere,” or, “trusted by professionals since 1955”. You’re merely giving customers the impression that when people need this product or service, they come to you.


Start with the hype, build the reputation.

The funny thing about using this method is that even though you’re starting off with just creating a buzz for something you sell, the more people have a good experience with it, you can eventually end up becoming the go-to company for your product.

As long as what you produce is great quality in reality, you’re not “faking it until you make it” because you’ve been selling it all along.




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