How to Port a Number from Google Voice to Talkroute

So you’ve found Talkroute and you’re ready to take the leap from Google Voice because you finally realized that Talkroute is way more awesome. Good for you. That’s how we know that we have the smartest customers.
This article will walk you through the steps you need to follow when porting your Google Voice number to Talkroute. Don’t worry—as these things go, porting a number from GV is simpler and quicker than most. Here’s what to do:

unlock google voice number

1. Unlock your GV number.

This step is unique to GV, and if you don’t do it, the port will be rejected for sure. You can unlock your GV number by following these simple instructions from Google’s support page:
Google will charge you a $3 fee, after which you’re free to port away your number.

google voice account screenshot

2. Take a screenshot of your GV account page.

Documentation is required to prove that you have authority to port out your number, which is normally done by providing the new carrier with a phone bill for the number. Since you don’t receive a traditional phone bill for a GV number, a screen capture of your online account can be used as documentation.

What should be included in the screenshot?

1) The first thing the screenshot must show is the number you wish to port. Be sure that the number is clearly legible because if it isn’t, that’s a deal-breaker and you’ll have to take a new one.

2) When you unlock your GV number, a message pops up at the top of the screen saying, “Your Google Voice number has been unlocked and can now be ported away”. Try to snap a screenshot that displays this message so that your porting agent can see that it’s not still locked.

3) Though it’s not essential, it’s a good idea to take the screenshot from a desktop computer, rather than your phone, only because certain elements may not be visible on a mobile screen.

send email

3. Send the screenshot.

Once you have a good screenshot that shows all the necessary information, send it to the Talkroute agent who is handling your port.


4. Complete & sign LOA.

Required for any phone number port, the LOA (Letter of Authorization) is essential because it explicitly proves that the primary account holder, by signing, has authorized the transfer to a new carrier. Be sure to sign this document and fill it out completely. The information on this document, including the company name, account holder, and service address for the number you’re porting must match, exactly, what the current provider has on file for the number.
Talkroute uses software powered by Right Signature to facilitate the submitting of your LOA, allowing you to complete the form online with an electronic signature. This document will be sent to your email at the time that you initiate your port request.

port completion date

5. Watch your email for the completion date.

That’s it! Once the porting agent has all of your information, they will submit the request, and all you have to do is wait. On average, the process takes 7-10 days for “simple ports” (the majority of ports are simple ports), as long as you complete all of these steps promptly.
A few days before completion, you will be notified by email when your port is going to complete, and you can always ask for a status update at any time.
Here’s a post about what you can expect when you port a phone number:




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