How to Run Multiple Businesses from a Single Phone



Set up your main business lines.

To get started, select your new local or toll free numbers from our library, or port your existing phone numbers to Talkroute, to serve as your main business lines. Each of these numbers will be the main number for each business, that your callers will dial to reach you.


Add your phone as a forwarding number.

The next step is to add the phone where you want to receive calls, as a forwarding number on your account. You may add or remove forwarding phones as needed, at any time, and route calls to them in whatever way works best for you.



Route all your main numbers to your forwarding phone.

To start receiving your business calls on your phone, simply set each of your main Talkroute numbers to route calls to the single phone. You can even create custom forwarding schedules, so that each of your main numbers is only routing calls to your phone during the hours when each business is open.



Configure after-hours settings.

A Talkroute account also includes after-hours settings, where you can add a “currently closed” greeting, or a message with special information. If you prefer, you may also send after-hours callers to a different voice mailbox.


Set your caller ID for inbound calls.

You can also set the incoming caller ID to display which number the caller dialed, so that you will always know which business the call is coming from. When you receive multiple calls at the same time, or you just can’t answer it right away, calls may be stacked on hold until you can get to them.



Utilize multiple voicemail boxes.

You can keep everything separate for each business, and that includes separate voicemail. You can either use the same mailbox for all messages, or if you prefer, add multiple voice mailboxes to your account so that the messages for each business are routed to a dedicated mailbox.



Add custom greetings.

Add a different welcome greeting for each of your Talkroute numbers to let callers know they’ve called the right place, and add different voicemail greetings for each voice mailbox. To create greetings and announcements, upload your own audio files or record them right from your phone, using the Dial-and-Record feature.

Route calls in whatever configuration works best for you, and even if you are running several businesses from a single cell phone, you will always sound professional to your customers.

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Get help with setup.

Talkroute is easy to use, but you can always contact support with any questions. Every account also includes a free setup consultation with a real person, who will walk you through the setup of your system.



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Patrick Foster is the Content Marketing Manager @ Talkroute
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patrick foster

About The Author

Patrick Foster is the Content Marketing Manager @ Talkroute
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How to Run Multiple Businesses from a Single Phone