Can Lead411 Produce Real Sales Leads for Your Business?


No one has to tell you how valuable quality sales leads are for your business. Finding solid leads is a way of taking matters into your own hands, rather than relying solely on word-of-mouth and standard advertising channels to bring in new business.

So, when you have the opportunity to use a service like Lead411 to find those leads for you, that are catered specifically for your business, it gives you a great advantage to increase revenue in a reliable way.

Sales Intelligence and Lead Development

“Sales Intelligence and Lead Development”


Lead411 uses a term to describe an aspect of their service, “sales intelligence”, which essentially means having an ability to seek out new sales prospects with knowledge that allows you to find leads that are more likely to convert to actual sales for your company.

This is one of the key elements that contributes to their success with clients because they’re not just blindly throwing you leads that may or may not ever convert to sales, as other services might, or you might if you attempt to pin down leads on your own.

The other key term they use is “lead development”. Lead development helps you to take potential sales and pursue them through more effective channels, or to leave channels open for potential sales.

This is another way for you to be more deliberate about gaining quality leads through calculated strategy (which this service does for you), instead of feeling around for them in the dark, as it were. Employing sales intelligence and lead development is far more effective strategy to win new sales.

Produce Real Sales Leads

Yes. Lead411 Can Produce Real Sales Leads


It’s basically their entire business model to provide you with new leads that perform much better than those you could find on your own; so, yes, Lead411 will definitely produce at least a marked difference in how many of your leads convert directly to new revenue coming in. Their diligent team finds leads in all categories and compiles all their information into a database that you can choose from to find new sales which are applicable to your business.

That’s one of the areas where the power of their service lies; it lies in the database where they store everything about leads they find while doing all kinds of research to make sure that database has the most up-to-date, relevant information. They literally have people on staff who constantly research prospective leads.

They Do the Research, So You Don’t Have To

They Do the Research, So You Don’t Have To


Lead411 is constantly updating their own database with new contacts, along with all of their associated information, to create a list that businesses can use to select leads which are more likely to convert to sales.

It can take countless hours to do the research yourself to find new prospects, and that’s exactly why this service is valuable. If you decide to do it on your own, anyway, keep in mind that there is a pretty long process required to find those prospects on your own.

You have to track down the prospects first, look at their background information, find the pertinent email addresses, phone numbers, etc. of the right people to contact, and then verify that they’re all quality leads with a high probability of success. Lead411 does all of that for you, and that a lot faster and more effectively than you can.

Among the points that Lead411 researches for clients are things like verified email addresses with less than a 10% bounce rate, phone numbers, bios of presidents and executives, and background information of companies. That is unquestionably worth the cost of signing up for their service if this is something that fits your business, and it usually does.

Sales Triggers are Their Specialty

Sales Triggers are Their Specialty


Something else that Lead411 does for clients is to identify “triggers” that indicate where and when opportunities are occurring in real time for various companies. They can tell when organizations or individuals are ready to buy and when they are ready to buy specific types of products.

These triggers are identified in multiple categories, so that they can always tell when there is a good chance that a lead is ripe for picking, which information they pass on to you to take advantage of the opportunity. The triggers they watch out for coincide with the research Lead411 conducts on a daily basis to keep it relevant and applicable. This is how their service can produce such high-quality and up-to-date leads for their clients.

Move from Endlessly Researching Leads, to Closing Sales

Move from Endlessly Researching Leads, to Closing Sales


All of this boils down to giving yourself the best chance possible to close on more sales while expending the least effort possible on your end. Lead411 has found an extremely successful business model here because nearly every business on the planet, small or otherwise, can benefit a great deal from more timely and effective lead generation.

Without using a service like this, you will either generate new prospects very slowly over time (unless you have a lead-generation team of your own, in-house), or take a lot of time to do yourself what Lead411 can do for you, with better results, and a lot more quickly. The cost of paying for a service like this generally pales in comparison to the benefit you get from using it.

No one can tell you what is the best way to run your business, but in the case of bringing in new revenue for your company, it’s pretty tough for any owner to turn down a method that has such a solid strategy for lead development and such a reliable success rate for bringing in quality leads.

Lead411 has a dedicated approach for finding leads that convert by using what they call sales intelligence, which gives them the edge they need to rule out any prospective leads that wouldn’t be useful to you.

All you have to do is give their team some general introductory information about your business and what you’re looking for, after which you’ll be able to peruse the leads they recommend from the well-researched database. Give Lead411 a shot, and see if it doesn’t increase your business’ revenue in a significant way.



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