Loving What You Do is Appealing to Customers


Consumers have a lot of options for any given product these days. There are many factors that cause someone to choose one business over another, and the enthusiasm of the owner is one of those factors. Passionate owners are not only attractive to customers, but they create a business that emphasizes quality and inspires trust in potential customers.


If you’re confident about your product or service, they will be, too.

Passionate business owners exude confidence about their product or service. If the owner does not believe in what he or she is selling, then the consumer has no reason to believe in it either.
When you show that you have full confidence in your product, your customers will be more comfortable investing in it.

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People would rather buy from someone who is excited about what they do.

Who would you rather buy from—a business whose owner seems to be forced to go to work, or one who eats, sleeps, and breathes their work because they love it?
When you’re excited about what you do, it’s more than infectious to your team. It is attractive to potential customers, as well. The owner who is excited about what they do has charisma without even realizing it, and that is a powerful draw to customers.

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People who love their work, know their business.

Think about how you got to where you are now. You may have started your business simply because you recognized a demand for something that no one else saw, and that’s great because it’s how many successful ventures are started.
If you also have a passion for what you do, then you have an advantage because it probably means that you have been constantly learning about your field and have a deep knowledge of your product. Passionate business owners know their stuff, and your customers will relate to that.

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You’re less likely to shut down your service.

When you provide a vital service that is necessary for your customers, on a consistent basis, they don’t want to worry that it’s going to shut down and disappear. That’s why it’s appealing to people when they see that the person running this company is excited about it.
They know that you’re far less likely to quit and terminate the service because you enjoy what you do and want it to continue.

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Invested owners want their product to be good.

In that same vein, the passionate owners won’t tolerate a sub-par product. They want it to be the best it can be, which naturally results in consistent quality. That’s the kind of product that people want to invest in.



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