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To make your website secure, there are three main problems to solve: Protecting your website against cyber attacks, making your customers comfortable enough to make an online purchase from your site, and complying with mandatory PCI standards. With 10 years of experience in web security, Trust Guard solves these problems for your site, and then some.

Here’s what Trust Guard brings to the table:

cyber attack

Cyber Attack Protection

It’s estimated that roughly 37,000 websites are attacked every single day. This includes not only human hackers, but also automated hacking bots that are crawling the web 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, looking for weak points to gain entry into all kinds of sites. To fight back against cyber attacks, you need someone on your side who is equally relentless, which is why Trust Guard continually scans your website for malicious software, identifies them, and wipes them out. The result is 24/7 security breach protection that you can depend on. Not even the most tenacious hackers will be able to breach your site, human or otherwise.

Online Shopping

Online Payment Security

When it comes time for your customers to make a purchase on your website, they want to be sure that prying eyes will never see their personal data, and more importantly, they need to know that their credit card information is not at risk of being compromised. Trust Guard specializes in making online payments secure, and here’s the best part…

trust guard security scanned
trust guard business verified

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Trust Seals

Whether someone is buying a $20 item from you on their iPhone, or a high-dollar item from your site on a desktop computer, they will have some trepidation about making the purchase if they are not familiar with your business. To alleviate your customers’ fears about making an online purchase, the Trust Guard seal will be right there at the top of the page, assuring the customer that it is safe to make the purchase. The Trust Seal is an essential tool to give the buyer peace of mind as they type in their credit card number and send it off into the Internet.

increase sales

14-18% More Sales with the Trust Seal!

So when your customers feel more confident about making a secure purchase from your website, this will naturally translate to more web sales, right? Definitely, and Trust Guard wanted to find out exactly how many more sales there were, so they conducted split tests to compare the number of sales made on a website with the Trust Guard seal, and the number of sales made on a site that did not have the seal. The results showed that sites displaying a Trust Seal enjoyed 14-18% more sales than those without the seal.

pci compliance

PCI Compliance

If your business stores, processes, or transmits credit card information, then you are required to comply with the standards set by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). If your site is not up-to-date according to PCI standards, you will incur considerable fines from the SSC until you comply with their regulations. Using Trust Guard for your web security ensures that your site is PCI compliant because your site will be regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and kept current with the latest security trends. Assistance with completing a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), another requirement of PCI compliance, is also provided.


Double Your Money Back

If you’re not completely satisfied with the service, you’ll get double your money back! It’s no wonder that Trust Guard is so confident because they are the trusted name for website protection and online payment security. Not only will you have peace of mind, but your customers will feel safe and secure every time they visit your site.

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