Mama Kat’s Restaurant

Michael Herrera, Owner & Founder
Talkroute User since February 2017

Running a restaurant is a tough business, and its phone system is one thing that has to be reliable. Michael found a way to make sure that his customers never get a busy signal when calling his restaurant, by using Talkroute to manage his calls. This is his story:

My name is Michael Herrera, Owner and Founder of Mama Kat’s restaurant in San Marcos, CA. The restaurant is one of the most sought-after breakfast destinations in San Diego. We have anywhere from an hour to an hour-and-a-half wait, at times.

Like most small businesses we struggled to manage our phone system with Call Waiting, and you can never hear the person on the other line because the Call Waiting is always chiming in. Without Call Waiting everyone gets a busy signal. Multiple lines are just multiple problems, and I don’t know enough about phones, switches, and lines to even understand how multi-line systems work—nor can I afford the bodies to man the phones.

Talkroute was a one-stop solution to all our call management needs. I now have a dedicated voicemail, a way to send calls to different sectors (like our gift shop), to-go orders, call-ahead seating, and lastly, wait times and hours of operation. It was such a simple answer to so many difficult problems.

Thank you for your product and support. It has made our restaurant better for its staff, patrons, and most importantly, its experience.

Michael Herrera is the Owner of Mama Kat’s, a popular breakfast restaurant in San Marcos, CA. You can check out Michael’s restaurant by visiting them on Facebook at or on their website:


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