Stop Paying Per Minute for Your Virtual Phone Number

Your virtual phone service shouldn’t cause you stress. It should give you peace of mind by supporting all of your business phone calls, every day, without forcing you to count the minutes you’re using to make sure you don’t get overcharged.

There are a lot of virtual phone services out there today, and many of them charge for usage by the minute, which can quickly add up to excessive cost. It may be time to consider using a service that does not charge per minute, so you can start saving money.

Reduce Your Cost by “Refinancing”

In a sense, you can refinance your virtual phone service by switching to a provider that will give you all of the call time that you need for a better rate. Paying by the minute can get extremely costly if your business is growing and the call volume is steadily going up, and that’s why you need to seek out pricing that is more appropriate.

Talkroute, for example, does not charge per minute but instead charges a monthly base rate, on a pricing plan that fits your business that will not fluctuate. Unlimited minutes means you never have to worry about your cost skyrocketing because your business is having more success.

Don’t Put It Off

Phone service is not something we think about; it’s just supposed to work. So, the only problem we have with “refinancing”, as it were, or looking around for a better deal, is that once we have a service that works and at least basically fills the need, it’s not usually a top priority to shop around for a different provider that might be more cost-effective.

When business owners find something that works, that they don’t have to think about, they’re not eager to change it up; however, if it means thousands of dollars in savings per year, then that is something they will look at. This is probably the case with changing your virtual phone service provider.

Paying Per Minute is Small-Time

Quite honestly, for a virtual provider that is selling a phone system to businesses, it is an insult to charge those businesses by the minute. You should never have to pay per-minute for a professional-level phone service; paying per-minute is for burner cell phones.

Leave the small-time phone service behind and sign up for a virtual provider that gives you unlimited minutes and all of the other professional features that your business needs.


Stephanie is the Marketing Director at Talkroute and has been featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur as a leading authority on business and telecommunications.

Stephanie is also the chief editor and contributing author for the Talkroute blog helping more than 100k entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow their businesses.

StephanieStop Paying Per Minute for Your Virtual Phone Number