Top Reasons Why Businesses Are Switching to Virtual Phone Systems

Phone service is still very important to small businesses as it is still one of the preferred methods of customers to reach out to a business. All kinds of companies are now reevaluating their phone systems to see how it can be improved with current technology and hopefully find more economical options at the same time.

Virtual phone service can offer a lot to a business on this front, and in most cases, it is a lot more efficient than traditional systems.


The big phone carriers who have been around for a long time, like AT&T or Comcast, had a pretty strong grip on the small business market until recently; however, small businesses now are starting to wake up to the idea of using a virtual phone service that completely satisfies their needs at a fraction of the cost they were paying with one of the big carriers.

A virtual system like Talkroute doesn’t even require purchasing new equipment because it works with the phones you already have.

Large Variety of Virtual Service Providers

As the demand for a better business phone system has exploded in the past decade, all kinds of new virtual providers sprouted up to fill the need.

There are now a full range of virtual providers for a business to choose from. No matter what size it is, how many employees it has, or what features it needs for its phones, a business is sure to find the perfect fit.


This is more important to some businesses than others, but one of the key advantages of using a virtual phone system is the ability to work from anywhere. This is crucial for a business owner who needs to be accessible at all times, in or outside of the office, as well as employees who need to be reachable while out in the field.

Even a business owner who is running everything from a single cell phone can maintain daily operations without missing a beat by using a virtual phone system.

Real Time Control

One of the problems that you run into when your phone service is hosted by a big mainstream carrier is not being able to make changes on-the-fly. Unless, by some miracle, your carrier has an online portal which allows you to make changes to your system, you’ll most likely end up being forced to call in to customer service so that one of their agents can make the adjustment for you, even if it’s something small.

Most virtual providers give the user an online control panel that they can access anytime and change the configuration or settings of their phone system in real time. It definitely beats waiting on hold.


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StephanieTop Reasons Why Businesses Are Switching to Virtual Phone Systems