Use Vyond to Make a Beautifully-Designed Explainer Video

If you’re not familiar with this type of video, an explainer video is one that you find on a website’s landing page, usually around a minute long or less, which explains what your brand or company is about. You’ve seen them before. Though you can use Vyond to make videos for multiple uses, the main thing that you would probably use them for is to create an explainer video for customers, to quickly showcase what your business does when they land on your website.

What makes this service truly outstanding is the ability it gives you to make a video cheaply, easily, and quickly by providing the templates and tools that anyone can use, rather than making a video from scratch. To do that, you really have to be professional video producer, but absolutely anyone can use Vyond to make a great video.

Explainer Videos Help Your Business Site Perform Better

If you have a website for your business (which if you don’t, you need one), an explainer video is one of those things that is an essential element, like a list of products or a pricing page. The first and foremost selling point of adding an explainer video is that it will increase conversions.

One survey discovered that, “64% of businesses believe that video has directly led to increased sales”. (wyzowl) There’s no reason why your site should not have an explainer video. People increasingly prefer video to learn about things and to get any type of information, especially about products that they are planning to buy, and that’s exactly what the explainer video gives them.

Web searchers will read a web page or article about a business to learn about it if they have to, but they are visually-oriented and will be much happier to be able to click on a video to get a quick summary of a product or service and decide whether they should look into it further. Explainer videos are not, however, the only way that you can augment the performance of your site using this service.

Vyond is also a fantastic tool to create videos to explain anything else for visitors, such as enhancing customer tutorials that explain how to use your product or troubleshoot issues themselves. This not only adds value for the customer, but it also saves you the time and resources that it takes to provide live support.

Create Your Own Videos for Internal Use

Some elements of your company may be nuanced and demand a bit of explanation, and of course the training process for employees requires tools to help them understand everything thoroughly. This is a perfect use for animated videos to communicate information for employees while making it at least mildly interesting (we all know how boring and lame those training videos can be).

Human Resources is another department of your company that can make use of videos. For whatever purposes they have, such as supplementing important policies, regulations, or instructions, videos that explain everything and communicate that information in a more condensed fashion can be really helpful to HR.

Also, if at any time you update your services, features, pricing, or company policies, your team will thank you if they can watch a quick video to see what has changed, instead of looking over all the correspondence in written form. Pretty much any materials that you create for internal purposes can benefit from using video, and Vyond gives you the tools to make them in a reasonable amount of time.

Vyond Makes it Easy to Create Videos

The best thing about the service Vyond provides is that you don’t have to be anything close to an expert video producer to use it. It couldn’t be easier. First, they give you a huge variety of animation templates to choose from. Then, once you pick a template that looks good, you can select any audio, props, themes, etc. that you want to be in your video, to make it look and sound amazing.

To be sure, compared to the time and expense you would spend with hiring a video producer, maybe a sound engineer or any other personnel, and working with them until you approve the final product, using a service like Vyond is by far the better option. God forbid you would have to do it all yourself, for which you hopefully have the necessary skills and resources—it would take way longer and stress you out completely.

So once you finish the video from Vyond, you can create an MP4 file or a GIF and post it to your site in no time. Doing it this way is far superior to building one from scratch, with professionals or by yourself.

Professional Media without Professional Training

You’ll find included with the service all the tools that you need to engineer a great video for your site. Once you have your finished video, which takes barely any time at all, you are probably going to be very surprised at how good it comes out.

Vyond is designed in such a way that you can look at a couple of different menus that display all of the design tools you can use while you’re creating, making it possible for anyone to become a video designer just by dragging and dropping features and effects to your video, even if you have zero experience with video creation. If you do find that you need an assist while you’re making it, there are also resources, training, and extensive blog articles available on the Vyond website.

Again, there is a large library of video templates to pick from so that you can jump-start your project right away, as well as royalty-free music you can add to punch it up. If you decide that you don’t want to use one of the templates, then you’re of course welcome to create your own. Most likely, though, you’re going to want to use one of those templates, as they look really good and will save you a lot of time.

Remember that the idea is to explain all the information to your customers in an interesting way without distorting it too much with complicated design. But that’s the beauty of using Vyond because if you want, you can do that. If it suits your brand more appropriately to have a more artistic or complex vibe, then you can definitely do that, too.

Templates Greatly Speed Up the Process

Yes, you can create a video from scratch using Vyond, but again, using one of their templates cuts the time it will take to complete immensely. Once you see what the templates look like and how great the aesthetic is, any notion of creating your own will disappear from your mind because they just look awesome.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have; you can find a template in their library that works for any industry, any scenario, or any purpose as it applies to the video you want to create. Whether you company works in the tech industry, construction, consulting, ecommerce, service, or any other field, there’s a template that will fit your needs perfectly.

They’re also fully customizable with all kinds of characters, colors, text, and sounds to design a video that really suits your brand and style preferences. When you have it dialed in with all the customization you need, you can then add voiceover recordings and music to deliver your message and perfect the vibe. That’s pretty much it.

You can obviously go back and make any necessary changes or edit things if you change your mind during the process, but it will only take those few steps to come out with a beautifully-designed, finished video. There’s no easier way to create a professional explainer video for your website.


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StephanieUse Vyond to Make a Beautifully-Designed Explainer Video