Using Call Queues to Manage Your Business Calls

What are call queues good for? We all know basically what they do, but is there a way to optimize how you use them? Every virtual phone service does call queues a little differently, approaching call management from different angles. The one constant is that they allow you to support multiple calls at the same time, which is even more valuable if you use them to their full potential.

Part of a Balanced On-Hold Program

Like the rest of your phone system, call queues are only as effective as their weakest link, and there are a couple of things that need to work together to create an on-hold program that does what it’s supposed to do—manage caller fatigue and keep them on the line.

One crucial thing is that, even though the caller is just waiting for you to answer, there still has to be something happening on the line while they are on hold. If there is just silence on the line, then a person will either think the line is dead and hang up, or at the very least, the perceived wait time is much higher than if there was some kind of audio.

What to Play for Your Callers

On-Hold Music

Carefully selected music is the best thing to keep callers occupied while they’re waiting. As long as it’s simple, non-repetitive, and not too loud, varied music selections are proven to manage on-hold callers’ anxiety to increase the chances that they will stay on the line long enough for you to answer.

Custom Messages

You can also mix it with brief informational messages to break up the monotony and advertise your latest promotion simultaneously.

Ringing Tone

The other alternative is to simply play a standard ringing tone for the caller, which is not a bad option either, as it is something they expect to hear and also makes them feel like the call is about to be picked up. The ringing tone is not something to be used for extended periods of wait time because it will drive a person crazy.

They Won’t Hold for Long

It’s important to bear in mind that no matter how well your on-hold program serves your callers, no one wants to wait for very long, and people tend to get really antsy, really quickly. This is especially true today when the average person has the attention span of a fruit fly.

They key is that if they have to wait, then they should be able to wait comfortably; but, the best policy is still to answer calls as quickly as possible.


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StephanieUsing Call Queues to Manage Your Business Calls