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What is Content Marketing & Can it Grow Your Business?

“There are plenty of ways to motivate people to use your product or service, but there are few that work as powerfully or consistently as content marketing.”


Content marketing. What is this growing trend, and what does it mean for you, the business owner? The idea behind web searching is actually older than Google, itself; however, businesses can now use content marketing to adapt and utilize web searching and bring in new business through channels which would otherwise be left undiscovered.

They Are Already Looking For You

Imagine, for a moment, millions of people sitting at their computers and typing a few words into that little white search box, attempting to find information about every subject under the sun. Now, imagine the staggering number of these who search for information related to business. You can tap into this massive collection of potential clients by using content marketing. So what is it? Basically, we can define it exactly as it sounds: You market your product or service through publishing and promoting content related to your field of business. The Content Marketing Institute explains that the purpose of content marketing is to “attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior.”

Draw Targeted Traffic

How does this attract interested visitors to your business’ website? —by writing language and subject matter into your published content, usually an on-site blog that people are actively searching. The objective is to direct traffic to your website by including in your site’s content the pertinent terms that people are searching. Consider, for example, a new or aspiring business owner who is trying to understand how to incorporate their business. They will search “incorporation” or “how to incorporate”, and the results will show links to various articles and publications that include these keywords. If this person sees your blog post about incorporating your business, and clicks on it, they are immediately directed to your website—now you already have them in the door. So when this potential customer gets curious about what you do and begins navigating around your page, they will continually see your call-to-action button. When they decide to click on it and sign up for your service, boom–there’s a new conversion.

Content Sharing

The reach of your content increases exponentially when people begin to share it. After viewing relevant content on your website, visitors will repost or share your blog content with their friends and colleagues, on their own pages, social media, etc. And who are their friends and colleagues? More people who are involved in fields related to your area of business and also your potential customers.


Establish Goodwill

While you are attracting new customers to your business through targeted content, you are gaining their trust at the same time. One of the first and foremost principles of business is to establish goodwill with your customers. Doctors swear the Hippocratic Oath and promise to “do no harm”, before they can be allowed to treat any patient. The philosophy of good business is not far removed from the doctor that promises to do good to his or her patient; good business means being good to your customer. New business is already being drawn to your website through strategic content, but not only that—these visitors will immediately recognize that you are giving something to them for free, that being your knowledge, experience, referrals, guidance, etc. This is precisely the goal of the blog that you are reading right now. Talkroute aims to reach new customers through this blog because that is the prime function of content marketing, but we also want to provide, for free, valuable information concerning how to start, run, and grow their business. You can attach a blog to your website that merely hits on keywords, or you can create a blog that not only effectively draws traffic through keywords, but actually helps your visitors by providing quality, reliable information.

The Bottom Line: Content Marketing Converts

There are plenty of ways to motivate people to use your product or service, but there are few that work as powerfully or consistently as content marketing. You could rely on the sporadic, unreliable advertising of a billboard; you could spam everybody with email blasts to promote your company; or you could start publishing content that consistently brings internet searchers straight to your website and through the virtual front door of your business. These visitors are most likely already your customers because the information they are searching for is directly related to your business, which is why they will probably find your specialty to be something they want to purchase or sign up for. Content marketing is far more productive than conventional advertising; just watch how quickly it diverts the flow of web traffic into your favor.
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StephanieWhat is Content Marketing & Can it Grow Your Business?