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What Makes the Best Phone Tree for Business?


Customizable Call Menus

The anchor of any professional phone system is the phone tree, or IVR, or call menu. You’ve probably realized, like hundreds of thousands of other businesses owners have, that utilizing a service which provides a professional phone system with a call menu to direct callers to various departments is an essential element of customer service. The thing is, this call menu should be easily customizable. When you can record your own greetings in whatever format you choose, using whatever person’s voice you like, it gives you the freedom to create a call menu that reflects the nature of your company. It’s certainly something you want to look for in a service.

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Variety of Options

Many of the companies who provide virtual phone service don’t give you much room to build your own custom phone tree, and this is important. You know your market, your product, and your customers better than anyone, so why should the design of your phone system already be decided for you? You should have the freedom to set up your system in a way that works best for your business, and the ability to go back and change settings at any time, as your business grows.



Running a successful business is complicated enough; you don’t need the added frustration of figuring out a bunch of new equipment and learning how to set up an unfamiliar system. The best virtual phone system for your business is one that is fast & easy to set up and has an intuitive UI with a control panel that has clear functionality. This is where most systems, like Google Voice come up short. For a company like Google, you would think the interface would be easy to navigate. That is, however, not the case; that’s why they have such a comprehensive support center for Voice users who are frequently running into problems. Talkroute was built as an alternative to services like Google Voice, with this in mind—to keep it effective and simple.

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Professional Sound Quality

Most providers you will find use a VoIP connection to connect calls, which means calls are being connected via WiFi or cellular data (internet connection). Since VoIP requires a constant, lossless connection, this is usually very unreliable, with low quality. The designers of the Talkroute system had the foresight to connect calls via the PSTN, which is essentially the telephone network. So, if you have an AT&T iPhone, and you are receiving a call through Talkroute—that call is being connected by the AT&T network. The result is a service that is as reliable as the carrier your phone was already using.

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Handles High Volume

How do you manage multiple calls at once, without losing any of them, and with the use of only one phone line? Hold queues. This is a feature you won’t always find (unless you have one of the old-school, expensive, conventional phone systems), and it is vital, if you are to handle any number of calls, at any time. This is one of the main reasons that Talkroute was created: To create a system that uses one phone line to professionally manage as many calls as you can throw at it, holding them until you can answer, if you like, and directing all calls with a simple, powerful phone tree.
A virtual phone system with all of these features used to be impossible, and the conventional equivalent came at a very high cost. Not only does Talkroute make this service readily available, but it is cost-effective and easier than ever to set up—which is why more businesses are signing up every day.




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StephanieWhat Makes the Best Phone Tree for Business?