Why a Talkroute Phone System Doesn’t Require a Mobile App

When you start your search for a new virtual phone system, you’ll quickly discover that there are numerous options to choose from. What you have to carefully consider is what type of virtual phone system you want because there are a few categories, and the needs of your particular business will determine which type will work best for you.

Some of these services are based entirely in an app you install on your smartphone; but others like Talkroute are not tied down to an app. Here’s a bit of a deeper explanation.

Types of Phone Services

Many people, when they begin to do some research to find out what kinds of phone service providers are out there, they might go in thinking that there are simply regular phone services and virtual services. They come away realizing that there are many iterations of virtual providers. Here are three basic types of virtual phone systems for business.


What we call traditional, or conventional phone systems are what we have always seen in offices, long before the virtual systems broke into the space.

These usually consist of the multi-line, typical desk phones that we’re used to seeing in an office, which are interconnected by hard lines and dedicated equipment installed on the premises. Service for these systems may be provided by the local phone company or by the garden variety VoIP service.


There is no shortage of virtual service providers that work solely through an app on your smartphone.

Those services are plenty, and though they have a number of features that may be useful to a business, they basically give you a phone number and a mobile app that can be used to place and receive calls, check voicemail, and send and receive text messages. Small businesses generally outgrow these apps pretty quickly.

Cloud-Hosted PBX

Cloud-based PBX systems take virtual phone service to the next level. In a sense (if it’s a quality provider), they have the best of both worlds that were just described.

You get all the professional features of a traditional, wired system without the wires, and you can use it from pretty much anywhere. Many of these providers, however, still utilize a VoIP connection, which can put you at a great disadvantage.

See the following article to learn the differences between VoIP services, and PSTN-based virtual phone services like Talkroute:


Mobile Apps

Why Talkroute Doesn’t Need an App

Talkroute has a mobile app, but it isn’t required for the system to function. This is because Talkroute connects calls using the existing networks of the phones that you already have. When someone calls you, the system receives the call and then forwards the call to your phones over their own networks.

It can be used with landlines, cell phones, VoIP phones, even Skype numbers. The mobile app makes it easier to place outgoing calls, but you can place calls without the app, too. It doesn’t rely on your Internet connection, it doesn’t rely on an app, and you can run your business from any phone, anywhere.


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StephanieWhy a Talkroute Phone System Doesn’t Require a Mobile App