Why Any Business Can Have Perfect Call Quality


Connection quality and excellent phone reception is always a top concern for businesses of any size. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong phone service provider, you may not enjoy the consistent quality that you need because not all providers can offer that. If you choose the right provider, though, this is not only possible but readily available.


How Do You Get Good Connection Quality?

When choosing a phone system to manage your business calls, it’s important to know how your calls are being connected. There are 2 basic methods that providers use to connect calls. The first type of provider routes calls over the Internet, namely a VoIP system.

The second kind of provider is a cloud-based PBX system that connects calls using the traditional phone network, and some service providers also use a mix of both.


Internet-Based Call Routing

This type has been in use for many years now and has been the go-to system for many small businesses. The biggest problem with VoIP, however, is that it relies on your own Internet connection to route your calls.

Your on-site Internet connection can be compromised and slowed by a variety of factors, resulting in bad sound quality and dropped calls. Then the only way you can remedy that problem is to buy expensive equipment and create a dedicated network line for your phones.


Tapping Into the Old Telephone Network

Some new virtual phone systems like Talkroute have taken a page from old school service providers and found a way to provide cloud-hosted phone service that is based in the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Talkroute, for example, actually connects calls using the existing networks of the cell phones and landlines (or other phones) that you already have. This ensures reliability and superior call quality because your calls are received and placed over the traditional phone network, never over the Internet.


Excellent Quality without the Extra Equipment

As we said earlier, to have a high-quality connection with a VoIP phone service, you really need to have a dedicated data line and usually additional equipment or hardware that routes your calls efficiently.

When using a PSTN-based system, though, an Internet connection and added routing equipment is not necessary at all. While this type of system is a completely independent PBX system, it uses the telephone network that has been in place for decades and is 100% virtual.



There is an unfortunate misconception among small businesses today that you have to spend loads of money and buy extra hardware to have professional, reliable call quality, when that is definitely not the case.

Using nothing but the phones you already have, cell phones, landlines, even Skype numbers, you can run your business with a professional-grade system using a more efficient virtual phone system like Talkroute.



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Why Any Business Can Have Perfect Call Quality