Why We Love DocuSign

Like many other seemingly innocuous tasks that keep your business running smoothly, getting documents properly prepared and then signed is indispensable but doesn’t take up so much space in your mind.

Obviously, when it becomes a problem or costs you a little too much time or money, that’s when it becomes evident that you may need a new solution to get it done. In fact, it’s possible that you’re already wasting time and money if you’re still committed to using paper for these documents.

There are a few concerns that many business owners have that keep them from utilizing eSignature software, mainly security, but there is an answer to all of those concerns. That’s why we love DocuSign.

DocuSign Eliminates the Need for Scanning, Faxing, and Overnighting Documents

eSignature is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal–which so many businesses are already using–because it literally makes physical document signing completely obsolete.

Scanning paper documents, faxing them, and overnighting them with snail mail used to be unavoidable, and we didn’t blink an eye because we accepted that process as the only way to complete the task. Now you can get all of this done electronically.

How Electronic Signatures Work with DocuSign

First of all, it’s always free to use for the person who is signing a document to make the signing process as painless as possible, and if you’re signing, that goes for you, too. To get started, you can prepare a document in no time at all by using a common type such as an NDA or Purchase Order, or you can upload your own files, such as a PDF or Word document.

Once you select the document that you need, drag and drop fields where the signer will need to fill in their own information, their initials, and of course, their signature. You can even add multiple signers if needed.

When it’s ready, just send it out to their email, and you’re done. Whoever is signing the document can then easily see what they need to fill out and sign it either by using one of the saved signatures or write their own signature in on the screen.

“Making your mark” electronically (eSignature) is every bit as legally binding as a normal signature. They email it back to you when they’re finished, and the process is complete.

Sign Documents from Just About Anywhere

Signing documents electronically already saves you a lot of time, but when you add the ability to do it using any device, you cut down on time even more.

Not only can you prepare documents from your phone, tablet, or computer, but users can also use the same devices to sign and send them back to you. No one will need to get back to the office before they can sign, and not to mention, they won’t have time to change their minds about important deals.

An added benefit is that DocuSign works with the apps that everybody already has: Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, and a lot more. It’s a seamless process with the least amount of friction possible.

More than 300 Pre-Built Integrations

Many times, you have software that you’re already using, which is very productive for you and you can’t afford to lose when you decide to use a new tool like DocuSign. That’s exactly why they provide over 300 integrations with programs that you are currently using. Here are just a few of those integrations:

Acumatica; OnBase; Box; SchoolDocs; Microsoft; Salesforce; Google; Oracle; SAP; Apple.

  • Using Salesforce with DocuSign
  • Salesforce links with DocuSign in a uniquely beneficial way because it will automatically fill your most-used documents and drastically reduce any errors that you would normally have by using machine learning, while constantly updating customer information to keep your records current.

  • Using Google with DocuSign
  • DocuSign can hook up with your Google Apps, including Drive, Gmail, Docs, Extensions, and others. Eliminate extra steps by signing documents and sending them out to be signed directly from Drive; do the same directly from your Gmail account; and you can create and send a document without ever leaving Google Docs. With Google App integrations, the possibilities go on and on.

  • Using SAP with DocuSign
  • SAP has partnered with DocuSign, and this is an enormous advantage for businesses of any size, as it offers businesses the ability to put power behind their various departments. SAP is a leader in business management in all areas, which exponentially increases your ability to connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

    A Leading eSignature Provider that’s Trusted Everywhere

    DocuSign is not what you would call a small company, and they’re not new to the technology, either. Currently, there are around 200 million users; 370,000 customers; serving 180 countries and 43 languages.

    Users everywhere rely on DocuSign, even for highly-sensitive documents because of the high security level the company provides. Documents are securely stored for safe, easy access, and you can be sure that it is much more secure than paper files in metal cabinets.

    DocuSign Signature Appliance

    The Signature Appliance is proprietary technology offered by DocuSign for companies who work in highly-regulated industries and need documents signed on-premises, and not remotely.

    Signature Appliance is deployed from behind your own firewall so that employees and users can sign documents with zero chance of security breach. It’s for this reason that DocuSign is the preferred service in all kinds of regulated industries, such as life sciences, healthcare, and construction.

    If you want to go paperless and never have to scan, fax, or overnight a piece of paper ever again, DocuSign is one of the best providers available for businesses of any size. No commitment is necessary because you can try DocuSign free for 30 days. Start your trial today!


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