Why You Should Give Toll Free Numbers a Try

Does your business have a toll free number? It’s understandable if you want to project a connection with your community with a local phone number, which is a tried and true strategy. Meanwhile, there are always toll free numbers available if you want to convey an established, national feel to customers. The following reasons are why you should consider it.

A Variety of Area Codes

A Variety of Area Codes

Many people think that toll free numbers only have the (800) area code, but that’s definitely not the case. A toll free number can have the area codes, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833—and they are all the same type of phone number; there is no difference except for the digits in the area code.

That gives you a lot of options, so that you’re much more likely to find the number that you want, as opposed to the limited selection you’ll find in your local area code.

833 toll free

(833) Gives You Even More Choices

If you do need a specific number, or a vanity number, then your best chance of finding it is to look at (833) numbers; in fact, you should probably try it first. Securing a vanity number can be a challenge, especially because most of the vanity phrases you’re going to want are usually taken.

Since the (833) area code was only released a few months ago, there are still a ton of numbers available with that area code. To learn more about the new toll free area code, check out this post:

Find a Perfect Toll Free Number with (833) Area Code

It Looks Professional

What do you think when you see a toll free number for a business? You might think that it’s a big business, or that you’re going to get an automated menu when you call it; but the main idea is that it tends to look more professional than a number with a local area code.

Truly, it’s a matter of preference and what kind of business you have, which will decide whether you want something that gives your business a local feel or a toll free number that denotes a larger geographical reach. Either way, having a toll free number just looks good.

It’s Good to Have the Alternate Option

Even if none of the above appeals to you, there is still one thing you should consider about toll free numbers: It’s nice to give people the option. Many small businesses have a primary phone number in their local area code, but why not add a toll free number right next to it?

Firstly, it makes your business appear bigger, and honestly, people just like to have options, now more than ever. It won’t break the bank to add the extra line—try a toll free number on for size.


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StephanieWhy You Should Give Toll Free Numbers a Try